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Via Filangieri, 49
86095 Frosolone, IS
Phone: +39 0874 890423
Fax: +39 0874 890553
Products Carbonated Beverages, Tonic Water, Coffee Flavored Drinks, Bitters, Aperitif, Fruit Drinks, Mineral Water, Bottled Water
Di Iorio SpA
The Di Iorio Beverage Company was founded by Filippo Di Iorio in 1896 and is run today by the third generation of Di Iorios. It has become nationally and internationally renowned in its field. Using high-end technology and a careful respect for environmental policies, Di Iorio can produce one million five hundred bottles of beverages in a 24-hour period.

A pioneer in the production of carbonated beverages, the company was given the honorary Decree of Acknowledgement of Molisia mineral water in the year 2000, and began to bottle this water for distribution in 2006. Technological innovation, paired with traditional recipes and over a hundred years of experience, is the winning card of this Company.

The Di Iorio‚Äôs main goal is to develop high-quality beverages using the best ingredients and investing in technological research to improve family recipes and meet the requirements of the modern-day market. In fact, the flexible structure and potential of the production of bottled beverages meet the needs of both retail and wholesale markets, here and abroad. 

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