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Eco Pets Italia Srl
CREATING ORGANIC CAT LITTER SINCE 20111 Eco Pets Italia is a company whose mission is to provide the consumer with a line of fully ecological products. The scope is to improve the quality of our pets' lives while promoting a safer and healthier environment for all of us. 
At Eco Pets Italia, we are fully aware of the fact that there are hundreds of pet products available on the market. A product is often a compromise between product performance and ecological expectations. Unfortunately for the environment, the best performing products are not necessarily the “greenest” products. 
If we want to make a positive impact upon the enironment, we must realize that “green” means much more than biodegradable or compostable. We are constantly searching for products that are manufactured through processes that optimize the use of natural resources and that can be disposed of with no damage to the environment or unnecessary waste of energy and materials. 
In order to be successful, we must provide unique products that are innovative, of the highest quality, one hundred percent safe, highly beneficial to the pets and their owners, and also represent the best value for the cost. This is our primary goal.
Our cat litters Catekò® and MioMao® are the first of our line of “green” products and we are proud to announce that it has greatly exceeded our expectations. 

Cat Litter

ECOLOGICAL and BIODEGRADABLE CAT LITTER “Clumping”. (Patent n° 1427187)

  1. Plant Fibers
  2. Recycled Clean Paper
The litter is composed of granules, categorized in a predetermined dimensional range, each of which has the intrinsic features of the product. The litter has, among other features: high absorbency, lightness and absence of dust.
Biodegradability and Environmental Impact
The litter is biodegradable and can be disposed of in the toilet.
Thanks to its formula the entire manufacturing process is low power consumption, without manufacturing residue and pollutant emissions into the atmosphere or water. Because of the lightness of the product, the entire distribution cycle is completed with a lower power consumption compared to conventional mineral litter.
The low energy consumption during production, and energy consumption close to zero, during disposal guarantee, to this product, the lowest carbon footprint (in accordance with ISO/TS 14067), among the products of the same category.
The granules of the litter are, on average, composed of: thin absorbent fibers, fibrous particles of cereals, a mixture that allows the control of odors and has a strong antibacterial power.
The absorbent fibers, both wood and paper, are closely FSC certified.
The fibers of paper or cardboard, are 100% by-products in accordance with FSC STD 40007 and the definitions and descriptions stated in the CEPI EN643 standard.
The fibers of cereals can be derived from caryopses of cereals, or from by-products of the processing of the same.
An exclusive and patented additive ensures the litter high sanitizing properties, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal. The antibacterial action of silver is enhanced by the concomitant presence of at least one tourmaline that, thanks to its properties ionizing, allows the composition to act quickly on various media, in particular of water or air. The effectiveness of the additive extends also to the environment around the litter box.