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EDIS is the largest European independent manufacturer of trading cards and sticker collections, packaged collectible and promotional products, such as in-pack premiums and promotional gadgets. We take care internally of the full process, from the concept to the delivery. For more than 40 years, EDIS has been producing trading cards and self-adhesive stickers collections for the best known publishers, for merchandising and loyalty agencies and for supermarket chains (special promotions).

Promotional Items

ENCLOSE® pack - Solution for the automatic application of inserts and gadgets, also 3D, directly on rigid or flexible packaging, with the possibility of insertion and application both on spread and assembled format. Applications can be done on primary packaging (cover or box) and on secondary packaging (cluster or wrap). In this way, the promotional premium benefits in terms of new visibility and concreteness. This solution is protected by an industrial international patent for the automatic application of inserts and gadgets, also 3D, on the labels’ backs, and is compatible with the labelling automatic systems on production lines. This solution doesn’t carry any restriction or interruption of productive capacity. Obviously, the treated reels can be piled and managed following the normal logistic parameters. This application can be done both on paper and plastic materials. Each application requires a specific feasibility study, which is managed directly on the machinery.