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Products Arborio Rice, Vialone Nano Rice, Risotto, Rice, Carnaroli Rice
Egidio Cremonesi Srl
Riseria Cremonesi is the main rice-producer in Veneto, producing around 250,000 quintals per year of processed rice with a production of husk of about 75.000 quintals per year amounting to 6,250 hectares. They aim to be the most innovative producer of white rice: this means that the firm wants to surpass the restricted territorial limits of national demand while still keeping with the Italian tradition in rice production.

To pursue its aim, Riseria Cremonesi, after having reached a top-quality production, developed some remarkable innovations in packaging, which are able to target those market sectors where no one, untill now, has developed an adequate specific food culture. The packing innovations have been developed in co-operation with the most important Italian Universities: their highly innovative technical know-how in the field of rice-preserving has been at the complete disposal of Riseria Cremonesi, which has managed to conceive a technological development system that protects the consumer: the protective atmosphere. The protective atmosphere (made of a mixture of azoth and carbon dioxide) is a new concept that, eliminating humidity and inhibiting every possible bacterial development, guarantees important advantages to both distributors and consumers.

This result is possible thanks to a special quality-oriented philosophy: the Cremonesi family still believes in good and healthy cooking, made with simple and genuine ingredients, in order to bring to the consumers table an authentic and tasty food. "The chain of quality should not run out at the company but must continue until it reaches the table of the consumer": this is the fundamental principle on which, from 1951 until today, Riseria Cremonesi’s business activity has been based on.

Egidio Evelino Cremonesi, now honorary president of the company, has dedicated his entire life in pursuit of constant and continuous technological improvement to his company’s production, in order to offer to its customers, his family, his friends and all of us, the best rice with good flavor and nutritional values of the past. 

This is the spirit with which the founder of Riseria Cremonesi transformed raw materials into valuable Italian rice varieties which over the years have been brought to the market. He this has passed this knowledge to his sons Andrea and Paolo, now executives of the family, together with a trusted group of close associates.

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