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via del commercio
62010 Montecassiano, MC
Phone: +39 0733 598514
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Valentina Bongarzoni
Products Coffee Beans, Coffee Pods
Codice Ateco:
108301 - Coffee processing
01030300 - Non-alcoholic beverages, 01090100 - COFFEE
Caffè Janus
Our story begins in 1996, when our father acquired the roasting company. Today my brothers and I are the owners of the company, our father continues to work in the production department with his great passion. He keeps the secret of the roaster about the composition of the blends which characterizes Janus coffe’s taste. Our job starts with the selection of the raw coffee beans, the countries they come from and it ends when the customer is in front of the cup! Every day our goal is to never disappoint our client’s expectations and we always try to go beyond and fulfil them. Whether the coffee is drunk for an exciting morning awakening, during a conversation with friends or as conclusion of a meal, what matters to us is to enrich every moment with a pleasant taste! Products avaliable: coffee beans, capsules, pods, cold brew, ground coffee.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Pods