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Esseoquattro has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing food packaging since 1977.

The company seeks to transform the perception of packaging - from a simple wrapping to an element as important as the food it contains. Product testing and certifications are just some of the activities that its Food Quality and Safety Department works on to guarantee a high-quality standard.

Not only safe but also high performance and green – All Esseoquattro’s packaging has been designed to increase the shelf-life of fresh food and to be easily recycled. Maximum performance and eco-sustainability mean an additional service for customers and end-users.

Some of the Esseoquattro product lines are:
Ideabrill - the fresh-preserver
A patented packaging technology designed to improve the shelf-life of fresh food, naturally, without altering its taste. Thanks to its treated film, food becomes isolated from moisture, light, and UV rays, preserving all the taste, flavor, and color for longer. The best solution for highly perishable foods, such as meats, cheeses, cold cuts, and fish.
Oléane – the greaseproof
This line has been designed especially for greasy foods. It does not allow oil to pass through and avoids unsightly stains. To offer extra convenience, it can be safely used in oven, microwave, and the electric grill.


Food Packaging

Ideabrill Fresh-Preserver Bags and Wrapping

Patented freshness-saving packaging, designed to keep food fresh longer than a traditional packaging method, thus combating food waste. It is recyclable and reusable. Furthermore, it is suitable for direct contact with food and for storing it both in the fridge and in the freezer.

Food Packaging

Ideabrill Fresh-Preserver Bag Plus

The Fresh-Preserver Bag Plus is the most resistant bag in the Ideabrill range, able to trap liquids and odours inside in total safety.
It was designed in response to the needs of butchers and fish shops, which it can meet in every respect.

Food Packaging

Ideabrill Flavour Window Bag

The ideal bag for foods that are not sensitive to light; it displays the products effectively while preserving their freshness and increasing the quality perceived by the end-user.

Food Packaging

Ideabrill Bag 19

Ideabrill patented aroma-preserver formula protects the texture and the fragrance of leavened cakes longer than traditional packaging, as confirmed by the tests of Esseoquattro's scientific partner, the University of Camerino, Italy. 


It's our greaseproof support, suitable for direct contact with food: it can be used alone for special types of bread and fried products. 
It does not let the oil pass through and keeps food crunchy. It can be used to directly heat the food contained in a traditional oven, in the microwave and on the plate.

Food Packaging


The best packaging for fruit and vegetables! Bate has significant technical qualities that make it an indispensable packaging for the produce sector. It is made of pure long-fibre kraft pulp, which ensures excellent resistance to the weight of the vegetables and is wet resistant, assisting in proper preservation.