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Viale E. Mattei, 1
20010 Casorezzo, MI
Phone: +39 02 9029231
Fax: +39 02 90296334
Products Pasta, Baking Mixes, Snacks, Cookies, Cakes, Organic Pasta, Organic Crackers, Ready Meals, Specialty Pasta
Codice Ateco:
108600 - Production of baby food and dietary food products, 108505 - Production of ready-made pasta based dishes
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01021600 - Organic and dietary food products, 01020700 - Pasta, 01020800 - Flour, 01021102 - DRY BAKERY PRODUCTS (CRISP-BREAD, BREAD-STICKS, CRACKERS)
Farmo SpA
FARMO Gluten Free Manufacturer, founded in 2000, works in the gluten-free foods area of the food sector, dealing with the entirety of the development, production and marketing phases for its own products. It boasts an internal team of Research & Development specialists who are constantly churning out new and innovative products and working tirelessly to improve them, both flavour-wise and nutritionally speaking, as per the company’s mission statement. FARMO has three factories in Casorezzo (MI) – Italy: • FarmoOne: inaugurated in 2010 / 4.000 square meters covered / Production of Bakery Products and Mixes of Flours for professional and domestic use. • FarmoNext: inaugurated in 2016 / 4.000 square meters covered / Production of Gluten Free Pasta: a modern and innovative plant structured in two production lines : Long and Short Cuts of Gluten Free & Organic Pasta. • FarmoTer: opening January 2017 / 4.000 square meters covered / Production of Bakery Products: Salty snacks and Cookies. FARMO researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of gluten-free & organic products that are divided into 4 categories: • Pasta: varied shapes and innovative ingredients (legumes, grains,vegetables) • Mac&Cheese and Dried Meal solutions • Baking Mixes for Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cakes • Bakery Products: Sweet Bakery (cakes, cookies), Salty Bakery(crackers ,breadsticks), Healthy Bars Quality Certifications: BRC - IFS High Level - GFCP/GFCO -USDA Organic - BIO - KOSHER - GLUTEN FREE – NonGMOProject Verified.


Gluten Free Pasta made with Corn and Brown Rice

Baking Mixes

Gluten Free Bakery Mixes Line - FibrePan: Bread and Pizza Crust Mix - Fibrepan Cake: Cake and Muffin Mix - Fibrepan LP: Low Protein gluten free and milk free Multipurpose Mix - Fibrepan Pasta: gluten free baking mix for fresh pasta and bechamel


Gluten Free Savoury Snacks Line (Crackers, Classic Breadsticks, Sesame Breadsticks)


Gluten Free Cookies Line ( pack 200g - 7oz and single serving ) (Butter Cookies, Dark Cookies, Corn & Butter Cookies)


Multibag Cakes (Choco muffin, Brownie)

Organic Pasta

Organic and Gluten Free Pasta made with Lentil and Chickpea. Rich in Protein and Source of Fiber - Spaghetti 250 gr - Fusilloni 250 gr Penne 250 gr

Organic Crackers

Organic and Gluten Free Crackers: - Red Lentil and Sesame Legume Crunch Crackers - Chickpea and Sesame Legume Crunch Crackers

Ready Meals

Gluten free ready meal: Brown rice pennette + dehydrated ingredients.100% Italian. Ready in 8 minutes. 4 different sauces: TOMATO & BASIL, 4 CHEESE, VEGETARIAN, PESTO


Varied shapes of Gluten Free Pasta made from ingredients of vegetable origin (legumes, grains, vegetables)