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Fattoria Prattico
The civilization of the wine was born here: in this vast, hilly area of Campania that from Sessa Aurunca and the slopes of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina goes up to mount Massico, bordering Lazio.  From here, from the Ager Falernus of Latins, two thousand years ago, used to leave the barrels that, besides the capital city, supplied the main cities of the Roman world.  Here, along the itinerary that places side by side the Garigliano in its run, from Caserta and  the Volturno's plain, a stonesthrow from the famous abbey of Montecassino, rises, set to a cliff, the ancient and suggestive village of Rocca d'Evandro.  The wine tradition, together with the oil one, weaves in these places with the history of these towns, where it has been handed down, magically intact, the charm of their past, also made of smells and tastes.  A tradition that at the Prattico Farm has wisely been preserved, by putting highly advanced systems of production and preservation to the service of an ancient culture.

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