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Strada Nuova di Coloreto, 15b
43123 Parma, PR
Phone: +39 521 240700
Fax: +39 521 240663
Products Cheese, Pecorino Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Yogurt, Goat Cheese, Dairy Products, Cheese Spread
Fattorie Girau Snc
Our factory was born in 1958; its production plants are situated in the south of Sardinia, while the trading office with relevant shipment of goods is in Parma.
Our type of cheese, of which we have tried to preserve the traditions of transformation and seasoning, can satisfy each single request from each type of palate. For this reason you can find in our wide range of cheeses fresh Pecorino, semi-seasoned and seasoned Pecorino, such as Romano, Fiore sardo, Pecorino sardo, and a range of Ricotta cheeses typical of different Italian are (eg. Montella, Testa di moro and Moliterna).
During the last years we have started to use goat’s milk, and have obtained many innovative products like seasoned and fresh goat milk cheeses and yogurts and desserts.  Moreover, we remind you that goat’s milk is recommended for its nutritious and anti-allergic characteristics. 



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