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Felsineo SpA
With total respect for the recipes of ancient Bolognese gastronomy, Felsineo combines the traditional elements with cutting edge technology.
The original recipe has evolved over time to meet the demands of consumers, but Felsineo has always used only the finest cuts of pork meat and natural flavorings for the production of its mortadella, and does not use polyphosphates, caseinates, glutamates, fat and/or rind emulsions, synthetic flavourings, sugars, or powdered milk. 

Felsineo's mortadella is gluten free. Following their quality policy it has decided not to use any genetically modified organisms among its ingredients. For Felsineo, quality means respecting and defending the consumer, and bringing a safe and healthy mortadella to the table. All raw materials come from select suppliers who are approved and controlled and who must comply with the highest quality standards on the market. Every day, the entire production process is analyzed, controlled and verified by internal systems and from independent organism of control.

This sophisticated working method has allowed Felsineo to obtain the highest levels of quality certification on a European and world level: Vision 2000, BRC, IFS, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001. Through ISO 22000, an essential standard for safety management systems in the agro industrial sector, conceived in order to be compatible and harmonized with other international standards for management systems (such as ISO 9001), Felsineo can appraise and show the compliance of its products in terms of food safety, so guaranteeing more efficient control of risk factors. Thanks to this important new development, agro industrial safety can therefore be monitored throughout the entire production process starting from the raw material, based on parameters that are recognized on an international level from all operators in the sector. 

Felsineo has chosen, through ISO 14001 (environmental certification), to protect the environment, adding this important result to the many it already has in relation to ethical and social behavior. 

The result of this union between tradition and technological innovation, brings Felsineo to a continuous research in the production of mortadella. A product that is healthy, genuine and easy-to-digest, which maintains the aroma and the flavor of a traditional mortadella, according to the quality and style of life of consumers. Due to its high quality specialization, its innovative ability, its flexibility production, its guarantee of safety for the consumer and the goodness of its products, Felsineo also produces Private Labels for the most important brands in modern retail in Italy.

Nowadays, Felsineo’s strategy is make mortadella known abroad using tailor made commercial, marketing and product policies for each country. Felsineo has high expectations for this due to fact that high-quality, ‘made in Italy’ products are greatly appreciated. 

To satisfy all consumers, products have been divided into three lines: the TRADITION SELECTION, the WELLBEING SELECTION and the FANTASY SELECTION

For Felsineo making mortadella is a passion. The greatest satisfaction for Felsineo is the pleasure of a person that, with its mortadella in front of them, smells its scent, appreciates its natural color and savors, its unique and unmistakable taste.



• ANTICA BOLOGNA, the original Felsineo mortadella.
Produced following the original and ancient Bolognese recipe, this is a tasty, scented, appetising mortadella. Available both for the delicatessen counter (in 5kg, 7kg, 13kg, up to 250kg) and for self-service (in formats from 100g to 1kg).
• RUSTICA. Mortadella enriched with cubes of ham and pistachios in the original pressed rectangular shape. Available both for the delicatessen counter (5kg) and for self-service (400g).

Deli Meats


• AMABILE. Mortadella with lean meat to reduce the quantity of fats.
• GHIAND’ORO. Organic mortadella exclusively produced with meat coming from organic methods.

From the FANTASY SELECTION the latest two novelties from Felsineo:

• LA ROSSA DI FELSINEO. The first mortadella with pistachio and flavoured with pieces of chili pepper, pressed into an original bean shape;
• GHIANDINE. A sensational new development in the world of mortadella. Mini, skinless mortadellas, only 3cm big each, with the peculiarity of coming in a pocket-sized format and not giving you greasy fingers. Ghiandine are available in 4 different versions: classic taste, with pistachio, with chili pepper and with rosemary.
Ghiandine, with a total weight of 70 grams, packaged in handy and colourful mini packs, are suitable for all ages.