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Via Masetti, 8/10
40069 Zola Predosa, BO
Phone: +39 051 3517011
Fax: +39 051 3517101
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Ludmila Morales
Products Mortadella, Deli Meats
Codice Ateco:
101300 - Production of meat based products (including poultry meat)
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Booth Number: F-5213
Felsineo SpA
All products are incredibly tasty and authentic. The secret lies in a simple and genuine recipe that contains only a few ingredients, with no artificial seasonings, colourings or additives. Felsineo constantly aims to produce a lighter, healthier and genuine mortadella, perfectly aligned with today’s food trends. All products are totally gluten free and dairy free, that make them perfect for celiac and those who are allergic or intolerant to lactose or milk proteins.


La Sciccosa mortadella now bears the FDAI brand and becomes 100% Italian supply chain guaranteed. The brand FDAI – Firmato Dagli Agricoltori Italiani’ (signed by Italian agricultural manufacturers) promotes in Italy and all over the world a model of ethical management of the entire production chain based on the complete traceability of the raw materials, ensuring the use of all-Italian ingredients. The FDAI project also includes important social safeguards, such as fair distribution of the value chain and respect of workers and consumers rights.

Deli Meats

1963, 100% artisan mortadella characterized with its high quality ingredients and selected Italian pork cuts offers a unique texture and a delicate taste, ensuring its truly unmistakeable flavour. This mortadella is the fruit of considerable effort and experience, that exploits a patent-covered technology for grinding meat, which is slower and more respectable of the ingredients. Produced in the specially dedicated Laboratorio. Served thinly sliced to enhance its texture and flavour.

Manufactured according to the original, traditional Bolognese recipe, this mortadella is tasty, fragrant and appetizing. It complies with the requirements of the MORTADELLA BOLOGNA PGI (Protected Geographical Identification) Consortium.