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Localita' Santo Stefano
37046 Minerbe, VR
Phone: +39 0442 640011
Fax: +39 0442 641465
Products Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Grilled Vegetables, Organic Vegetables, Antipasto Vegetables, Sauces, Seafood, Organic Products
Ferrari e Franceschetti SpA
Ista' was born into a traditional agricultural and food company which, with great enthusiasm, has been combining for over forty years farming skills and mastery in food processing. 
The direct control over the whole production cycle enables Ista' to guarantee retail traders and restaurant and catering managers a wide range delicacies which, besides preserving their natural genuineness as garden products, can be used to prepare quick delicious dishes having the typical flavors and tastiness of home cooking. 
Thanks to a long experience in dealing with modern distribution, Ista' can easily meet the different requirements of the customers and the variety of packagings and of their sizes allow any dealer to stock the amount of goods which best suits his volume of sales.


Istà, which follows the whole process of growth of its vegetables starting from their sprouting,  can guarantee the taste and freshness of its garden products.

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