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Flat Bag Srl
Innovation and application of the most modern technologies are innate in the DNA of Flat Bag’s founders, who always look for new solutions to anticipate the market needs. As for the Flat Bag shopper, born from a simple but brilliant idea: combining two pre-existing technologies - the paper bag making machine and the paper handle making machine – to create a brand new product: a flat bottom paper bag. This intuition made Flat Bag worth of an international patent, recognised by over 20 countries in the world.

Paper Bags

To be in line with the new market conditions, Flat Bag invented a product that can combine resistance, cheapness and eco-sustainability characteristics: here is the origin of the paper shopper Flat Bag, realised with a patented technology in terms of cheapness and production speed. The finished product is made of two parts: the flat handle and the flat bottom bag. The absence of the square bottom makes the bag adaptable to the goods placed inside: the bottom naturally takes its shape when the product is placed, with the advantage of lower encumbrance both when stocking and when using the shopper.