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Via A. Locatelli, 41
50134 Florence, FI
Phone: +39 055 490328
Fax: +39 055 496900
Products Sauces and Spreads, Jams and Preserves, Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Chocolate Spreads
F.lli Chiaverini & C. Srl
F.lli Chiaverini & C. a dynamic and competitive company was founded in 1928 in Florence. Through time our artisan laboratory has transformed into a modern factory using advanced technology but we have not forgotten our past as we continue to use recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, we offer a wide variety of jams and preserves made from time honored traditions.  Quality is the company’s top priority. Thanks to sophisticated equipment in the laboratory our production is carefully controlled throughout the production process. Our strong points are a widespread sales network and favorable price/quality relationship. Our handy and modern packaging meets the consumers’ requirements.

The aluminum jam-jar designed in 1928 has been the symbol of F.lli Chiaverini & C. since the very beginning, to the extent of becoming a registered trademark. Today the aluminium jar has been up-dated with a pull-tab cap which allows it to be opened easily.

The high quality of jams is unchanged but now they are packaged in very new and practical aluminium tubes.

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