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Luca Ruata
Products Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Pomace Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Corn Oil, Dressings, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pesto
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104120 - Product of refined or crude oil from oily seeds or oily fruit mainly not own production
01021706 - Vinegar, 01021705 - RAW MATERIALS AND INGREDIENTS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY, 01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01021600 - Organic and dietary food products, 01021700 - Other products of the food industry, 01020501 - TOMATO, 01020503 - PRESERVED IN OIL AND VINEGAR (PICKLED) PRODUCTS, 01021301 - OLIVE OIL, 01021302 - OILSEED
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F.lli Ruata SpA
Ruata F.lli Spa Goccia d'Oro company, located in north of Italy, has been producing and selecting the best Italian Olive Oils for three generations. Products of our mill are: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grape seed Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Organic Oils, flavoured Oils and D.O.P. (Protected Origin). We also pack Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Soya oil, Rape oil, Pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, linen oil. Ruata F.lli Spa is specialized in supplying Whole services, catering, Supermarkets, processors and food industries and is fully export oriented all around the world. Product reliability, full certifications BRC-IFS-ISO as well as prompt and efficient service, are our main strong points to satisfy current market and customer requirements demanding quality guarantee.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Perfumed and intense to bring out the true flavor of Italian kitchen Characteristics: Perfumed and intense to bring out the true flavor of Italian kitchen Characteristics: "This Extra Virgin Oil is born only from prestigious Olives and from the legendary quality of Italian olive groves. The secret is to be found in the commitment, the passion and the experience handed down through the generations of the Ruata family, which was able to select only the best Italian olives strictly controlled at all stages of the production process. The result of this careful selection is an oil of undisputed quality, whose traceability is 100% guaranteed and certified by the Mipaaf Control Body - Italy." Serving Suggestion: "Perfect both raw in the salad or in grilled dishes as a steak and used during cooking, this extra virgin olive oil will make you relive the taste experience of freshly pressed olives on any dish. This extra virgin olive oil expresses its excellent flavor on raw meat, a typical dish in Piedmont, or simply tasted with a piece of bread in order to enhance the taste without distractions."

Olive Oil

Dedicated to those who love a balanced and light diet Characteristics: Being a condiment of natural origin, "Goccia d'Oro" olive oil is an indispensable ingredient for those who want to eat in an healthy and balanced way without forgetting the taste of good things. Our olive oil is light and sweet on the palate, thanks to a blend of refined olive oils with the addition of extra virgin olive oil (minimum 15%) of excellent quality. With a golden yellow color and a clear and brilliant appearance, it is suitable for the preparation of all those dishes that require an oil that does not cover the flavors but enhances their taste. Ideal for all uses in cooking, especially for crispy and light fried foods or for the preparation of sauces such as fresh mayonnaise.

Grape Seed Oil

A healthy oil to use in the kitchen as an alternative to the traditional olive oil Characteristics: There is a profound link between Vinaccioli oil and Goccia d'Oro. In fact, we were among the first pioneers to introduce this product on the local market, realizing its important health properties. Grape seed oil is obtained by pressing small seeds from grape berries (Vitis Vinifera) and each berry contains oil, minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants. The exceptional properties of this oil have allowed us to increase its production so much that today it is one of the most appreciated products. Take advantage of the versatility and health benefits of our Grape seed oil with its delicate flavor, high smoke point and omega 6 fatty acids that make it a unique and complete product. Serving Suggestion Enjoy our Grapeseed oil in order to give to your dishes an extra touch, for baked goods or to prepare tasty fried food, thanks to its 420 ° F / 215 ° C smoke point. The excellent emulsifying properties make it ideal for preparing mayonnaise or creamy products, even if chilled. Try it also for marinating fish and as a dressing on the salad.

Pomace Oil

Simple and light taste, ideal for many preparations Characteristics: The "Goccia d'Oro" Sansa Oil is obtained from the dosed combination of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the Olive Oil of Sansa. This Oil highlights all the features that distinguish Goccia d'Oro products: attention to quality, balance in taste and research in innovation. Its remarkable resistance to high temperatures compared to other vegetable and animal oils makes it particularly suitable for frying. Serving Suggestion Due to its lightness and high smoke point, it is a product suitable for various uses in the kitchen, especially for immersion frying. Also excellent in bread making and for the preparation of the dough for pizzas, donuts, bread and cakes, or as a condiment with a light and balanced taste.

Balsamic Vinegar

The history of Balsamic Vinegar on your tables Characteristics: It is from the fermentation and aging of wine vinegar with the cooked must also called "saba" with aromas and spices that the IGP Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is born, a typical product of the lands of Modena and Reggio Emilia, a great classic with a intense bouquet of aromas in perfect balance with a pleasant balsamic acidity. We at Olio Goccia d'Oro offer to you this legendary condiment in multiple formats in order to meet your needs as much as possible, giving your tables dishes a historic taste. Serving suggestions: The best way to enhance our Balsamic Vinegar is to use it together with a pinzimonio of raw vegetables such as ratatouille or fancy salads. However, it will also give its best in sauces and sauces for lean roasts and game, as well as stews and stewed red meats.

Corn Oil

For a cholesterol-free diet Characteristics: "The Goccia d'Oro Corn Oil is obtained from the germ of the ""Zea mays L."" with extraction techniques that preserve the organoleptic properties. High in linoleic acid and linolenic acid, vital to the body and known for their ability to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, Corn oil is recommended for a cholesterol-free diet given its lightness, delicacy and digestibility. The Goccia d'Oro Corn Oil is exclusively obtained from non-genetically modified seeds and the traceability of each lot is guaranteed and certified by Bureau Veritas, one of the most important certifying bodies worldwide." Serving Suggestion "Goccia d'Oro Corn Oil is ideal both for the preparation of cooked foods and for seasoning raw. Raw use preserves the original nutritional properties without altering them and the vitamin content, but is also well suited for the preparation of crispy and delicate fried foods."


Chilli A spicy push for your dishes Characteristics: The chili pepper is a spice imported into Europe from South America and the ancients considered it a food linked to the mystical and divine aspects, discovering with the passing of the years more and more beneficial properties for our body, as a medicine, disinfectant, help for food storage and even aphrodisiac. Thanks to the genuineness of our Extra Virgin olive oil and the quality of the chilli added, the spiciness of this oil does not derive from artificial aromas but from a careful selection that will allow you to bring all the desired taste to your table in a genuine and healthy context, without sacrificing a strong and suitable flavor for those who want an extra boost on their dishes. Serving Suggestion: The use of this oil is recommended for both hot and cold dishes. Our chilli flavored pepper can give its best on a pasta dish or on meat that needs an extra note of flavor, but trying it on salads or even simply on bread will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Garlic and Chilli A decisive oil for the most demanding dishes Characteristics: From the combination of our Extra Virgin olive oil with the spicy flavor of natural chilli and the strong taste of garlic comes our Garlic and Chilli Pepper oil. Thanks to the genuineness of our Extra Virgin olive oil and the quality of the chilli and added garlic, the pungent taste of this oil does not derive from artificial aromas but from a careful selection that will allow you to bring all the desired taste to your table in a genuine and healthy context, without however sacrificing a strong and suitable flavor for those who want an extra boost on their dishes. Serving Suggestion The use of this oil is recommended for both hot and cold dishes. Our Garlic and Chilli Pepper flavored oil can give its best on a hot meat-based dish that goes well with the strong aroma of garlic, but when tried in salads or on boiled vegetables it will satisfy even the most demanding palates. White Truffle A refined Piedmontese note in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics: Among the wonders that the undergrowth hides from the eyes of the most hurried, the rarest precious gem is certainly the truffle, in particular its white quality. It is an underground mushroom, making it difficult to meet, and this only adds renown and refinement to him. The white truffle is the main ingredient of Piedmont and so we decided to combine its intense flavor with our Extra Virgin Oil in order to create the White Truffle Aromatized. Its strong aroma will inexorably lead you into a vortex of flavor that will enhance your dishes, making them authentic joys for the palate. Serving Suggestion Our White Truffle oil goes very well with pasta and cheese, without disdaining the pairing with raw Piedmontese meat, another culinary pearl of our area. Orange A citrus taste in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics: Directly from the nature of selected oranges and our love for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our Aromatized with Orange is born. Since ancient times the fruit of the orange has been able to stand out thanks to its beneficial properties for our body, relying on a large quantity of vitamin A, B and C. As an added value, this oil contains all the taste and the citrus flavor mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, creating a pungent combination that will accompany you to a cuisine dictated by authenticity and able to surprise your guests with curious and delicious combinations. Serving Suggestion: This oil is highly recommended on fresh vegetables to enhance their natural flavor but it can be tried on hot dishes and on meat for a surprising note of flavor that will surprise your guests' palates. Lemon All the goodness of the lemon combined with an olive juice Characteristics: Our Lemon flavored oil comes from the harsh aroma of the best lemons combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thus creating a perfectly balanced combination of flavor and quality. This oil contains the many beneficial properties of one of the most famous fruits for its healthy characteristics, including the contribution of vitamin C and the possibility of use in pharmaceutical and therapeutic use, with the goodness of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our Lemon oil will conquer you with its ability to flavor even the most anonymous dish and enrich it with a pleasantly citrusy taste. Serving Suggestion: The Lemon flavoured oil is perfect to surprise your guests and your palates with a sour taste that can be accompanied with white meat or a fresh vegetable salad. Garlic An oil with an intense flavor for stronger palates Characteristics: Garlic has always been considered one of the healthiest foods in the kitchen, thanks to its many beneficial properties. In fact garlic has antiseptic and balsamic characteristics, in the past it was used to lower blood pressure and recent studies have shown that it also has excellent antibiotic properties. But the most recognizable part of this bulb is undoubtedly the unique aroma and flavor that, combined with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, will bring out all your hot dishes and more, making it an indispensable and tasty ally on your tables. Serving Suggestion: Our Aromatized Garlic oil is recommended on hot dishes such as pasta and savory pies to accentuate the taste, but can also be enjoyed on salads or in sauces. Basil An Italian aroma enclosed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics: Just open a bottle of our Basil flavored oil to be overwhelmed by the unmistakable scent of one of the main pride of our peninsula, the basil. Cultivated mainly in Liguria and Campania, this herb has many beneficial properties for our body such as the possibility of being used as a sedative if applied to wounds by massage or as a digestive after a large meal. Combined with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil it will conquer you with its all-Italian taste and its inimitable aroma. Serving Suggestion We advise you to use this seasoning on hot dishes such as pastas and baked goods, without disdaining the smell if put raw on a freshly baked pizza. Rosemary The most famous aromatic herb in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics: A ubiquitous plant in Italian culture, rosemary has repeatedly proved to be a real protagonist in everyday cooking. This pungent-scented herb has antioxidant properties and is a useful ally for the nervous system, liver and gall bladder. In our Rosemary flavored oil all these properties are combined with our Extra Virgin olive oil, giving you a mix of goodness and health that you can't miss. Serving Suggestion This oil is recommended for hot dishes looking for a note of additional flavor and for enriching fresh appetizers, such as omelettes or roulades. Oregano An all-Italian perfume in Extra Virgin olive oil Characteristics: From the Italian culinary tradition and from our love for Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes the Origan Aromatized. This plant is commonly known for having one of the highest antioxidant powers in nature and its use as an aromatic herb is so rooted in Italian culture that it has become a real symbol, an Italian accent on recipes as simple as they are famous like pizza and pasta. With our Origan flavored oil, bringing this mix of culture and flavor to the table can only thrill you. Serving Suggestion The use of this oil is recommended for typical Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta, especially if used raw as a condiment to further flavor your dishes. Porcino Mushroom The best quality of mushrooms immersed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics: Our Porcino oil is born from the encounter between our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fruit of experience and passion in the oil field, and the intense flavor of porcini mushrooms, the most prized of the mushroom species in our area. Just like the raw material from which it derives, this oil has an unmistakable aroma and taste that will exalt your dishes in a natural and astonishing way. Serving Suggestion We recommend the use of this oil in particular on hot dishes such as pasta or freshly baked bread, thus giving a taste and a taste out of the ordinary.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Natural oil from the beginning of cultivation to the last olive squeezed in the oil mill Characteristics: Bio is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian that evokes the love for a tasty, healthy and natural diet. From the origin land and the cultivation, up to the last olive squeezed, everything comes exclusively from organic farming and is obtained in complete respect for the environment through a process controlled and certified by Q Certificazioni ITALIA, a control institution authorized by Mipaaf and labeled with the European organic brand. Serving Suggestion: With a fruity aroma and notes of fresh almond, the Bio has a round and decisive taste, with a slight spicy touch. It is suitable for all everyday uses in the kitchen. In particular, when used raw on fish and vegetables it greatly enhances their flavor.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For everyday gourmet dishes Characteristics: "It is only from the best olives that the ""Classico"" Goccia d'Oro extra virgin olive oil is born, an oil with a marked taste that will enhance every dish you'll make. ""Classic"" extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredient for everyday cooking, both for simple and elaborate recipes. A must in every kitchen, a classic on every table, capable of adapting to every style, giving your food something extraordinary." Serving Suggestion: "Classic" extra virgin olive oil is one of your most irreplaceable companion in the kitchen in the most varied preparations, perfect both raw for salads and mayonnaise and cooked for fried food, grilled and baked dishes. It adds a fruity note to the taste of sauces, roasts and side dishes, making them pleasing to every palate.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A careful selection for a quality kitchen Characteristics: Selected from the best olive groves, only the most noble and perfect olives are chosen to produce our "Prestige" Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Thanks to its full-bodied and amber liquid, the only flaw of this oil is the impossibility of being able to reach its level in words: the only way to ascertain its superior level is to give it a chance in your kitchen, where surely you will deserve an exceptional role on your dishes, hot and cold, enhancing even the lightest nuance. Serving Suggestion The main characteristics of this oil are its delicious fragrance and its delicate flavor, two characteristics that blend perfectly with natural products that require a further caress of flavor. Try our "Prestige" Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a vegetable soup to give yourself a sensation of pleasure with a taste of Mediterranean olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This nectar of Olives is dedicated to those who love the precious fruits of nature Characteristics: "Selezione" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the highest expressions of our art of olive oil production under the brand name ""Goccia d'Oro"", an extra virgin olive oil obtained from a careful selection of the most renowned varieties of olives, harvested at their best moment of maturation and rapidly pressed, from which a low-acid olive nectar is extracted (0.3% at the time of bottling). The organoleptic and nutritional properties give this oil a high quality standard. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, this extra virgin olive oil excels on every table thanks to its lively perfume and fragrance." Serving Suggestion: "This nectar of Olives is dedicated to those who love the precious fruits of nature and the simplicity of a tasty and genuine oil. Due to its marked characteristics, it is particularly suitable for raw use where only a few drops can enhance the flavor of the dishes and is recommended for dressing salads, sauces, or directly on freshly baked bread because of its fragrant flavor."

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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