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Via del Leccio, 24
70022 Altamura, BA
Phone: +390835307206
Fax: +390835307206
Contact person:
Antonio Loizzo
Skype Name: antonio.unifoods
Products Frozen Pizza
Codice Ateco:
107110 - Production of fresh bread products
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01080000 - FROZEN FOODS
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Booth Number: F1817
Primoforno - Forni & Fattorie is an italian dinamic company that develop and produce innovative products to foreign markets and the channels: Private Label, Bake-off, Foodservice, On Board Catering. Primoforno is a story about the love for Bakery products, its deep roots steeped in to the origins of authentic bread-making based on Italian ‘cultural tradition’ dating over two thousand years. Primoforno brings this heritage and creates custom products based on market needs with handmade products using old traditional methods and all-natural ingredients. Primoforno is specialized in frozen bakery products: special bread, pizza, focaccia, garlic focaccia, puccia and many others italian specialties. Our products are made respecting the HACCP regulations and the rigid productive standard as BRC and IFS wich from our establishments are Higher level certified.

Frozen Pizza

Pizza puccia A handmade product very alveolar and soft  obtained from a mix of remilled durum wheat semolina and flour type 00.