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Frantoio Bianco
A history of joining tradition and innovation makes Frantoio Bianco a true pioneer in the production of traditional Ligurian specialties. The unique bond with our land and the fruits that it gives us are testified by our 19th century olive oil mill and our 260.000 square metres of Taggiasca olive groves, that have been in our family for over five generations, together with the continuous research of the best local produce, like the Genovese DPO basil that we use for most of our recipes. In the early 80s, we had already begun to combine the production of extra virgin olive oil and Taggiasca olives in brine resulting in our first offerings of Pesto alla Genovese, Olive Tapenade, and Ligurian-style sundried tomatoes. What, at the time, seemed like a risky new product venture eventually became a success and today we export these traditional Ligurian specialties to over 25 nations. During more than 35 years, we have committed ourselves to the creation of recipes based on the traditions of the Ligurian culture. Our unique recipes include the typical preserves of Ligurian fishermen, such as tuna in extra virgin olive oil or salt-packed anchovies and home grown vegetables from inland towns such as artichokes and zucchini in extra virgin olive oil. Our company continues to work in a way that reflects artisanal traditions while, at the same time, always paying the utmost attention to technical innovation and food safety. Our modern, functional facility allows us to combine a first-rate production capacity with remarkable flexibility. In our laboratory, we constantly monitor the stability and integrity of our products as well as fully implement current norms of hygiene and traceability. As direct producers we are able to monitor every phase of the work process. We have the ability to customise our products to fit the specific needs of our clients and we can also create new recipes and products as required. Tradition, passion, service, professionalism, innovation, old-time flavours and modern guarantees-this is what you get when you choose Frantoio Bianco.


The Ligurian climate is ideal to cultivate and harvest the juiciest tomatoes, crispest courgettes, aubergines, artichokes and sweetest peppers. For this reason, vegetables are always present on our tables, whether fresh and seasonal or in brine when the land is resting, and we can find the summer scents in the jars prepared when the sun was warmer. Still nowadays, all the vegetables of Frantoio Bianco are placed in jars by hand, adding extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs and a touch of garlic and after pasteurisation, which guarantees a safe product, they are ready to be tasted all year round.

Aromatic Oils

So many times in the kitchen, we want to prepare a dish with the unmistakable scent of basil or fresh lemon, but, we don't always have the right ingredients! By adding natural extracts of aromatic herbs or fruits, our extra virgin olive oil becomes the essential ingredient to add that special touch to a simple or more refined recipe.


Sun-dried tomatoes, Taggiasche olives, capers, anchovies and aubergines, are only a few of the ingredients that embody all Mediterranean scents and flavours we use to prepare our specialties. You can spread the paste on warm bread as bruschetta or they are a delicious accompaniment to grilled meat, a fish dish or also a fantastic way to season pasta or risotto.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our family has been producing olive oil for 5 generations, in Aurigo, a small village located in Alta Valle Impero. After a century of hard work the ancient mill has been put to rest and now stands next to his modern successor as a reminder of our family's success over the generations. Our modern mill works continuously from November to March, crushing the Taggiasche olives from our agricultural estate, which mostly produce delicate organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil produced in Aurigo is then transported to the modern bottling system in Pontedassio, where it is stored in stainless steel tanks until it is finally bottled.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frantoio Bianco has been certified organic since 1991. More than half of our 26 hectares of olive groves are Bio agricultural certified, the rest are currently being converted. We exclusively use organic products on all our plants and take utmost care of the countryside all year round, so we can harvest the best produce for customers, for us and our children.

Olive Paste

Black olives spread Ligurian style Green olives spread Ligurian style Acciugoliva: typical cream of black olives and anchovies preserved in oil Capperoliva: caper tapenade, mixed with green olives


Our family’s agricultural estate features over 260,000 square metres of olive groves, all Taggiasca olive trees. This famous small iridescent coloured olive that ripens from green to purple, characterised by the unmistakable aromatic flavour, it is now the top ingredient of prestigious chefs… and daily home recipes. Immediately after the harvest, the olives are divided according to their size: from this selection process, some olives are sent to the mill for pressing, while the pickled olives will be ready to taste after at least 6 months of natural fermentation.

Pasta Sauces

Artichokes are a popular ingredient of the Ligurian cuisine so, for this reason, we have created a line of sauces and creams made with artichokes. We have paired garlic, tuna or truffle flavoured oils with the artichokes to produce wonderfully delicate sauces to add to fresh pasta. Our Walnut sauce, deliciously light and creamy with a subtle nutty flavour, is a “must” on the Ligurian table! Just add a little milk or cream and stir. Our proximity to Piedmont inspired us to create the Bagna Cauda sauce: it is ready to warm up and serve with fresh seasonal vegetables. We have made our recipe more delicate by adding a touch of fresh ricotta cheese


This is our specialty, made only with PDO basil from Genoa, our pesto is fresh and 100% natural and it has a shelf life of 18 months. This is a contributing factor to why our pesto has been the best seller product for 35 years and sold in over 26 countries worldwide. Over the years we have created a White, Red and Black version of this product: we drew inspiration from our family's recipes, using only the best seasonal products available. The love of experimenting with different flavours led us to create a Pesto made with Rocket from Piana di Albenga and another made from Red and Yellow Peppers blended with Ricotta cheese. This resulted in a successful product that also inspired the other Delicate Pestos.

Tomato Sauce

Imagine a grandmother’s sauce pot, smell the scent of tomato cooking slowly with sauteed onions and extra virgin olive oil, the PDO basil from Genoa, Porcini mushrooms...or the seafood sauce simmered with white wine or vegetables mixed with anchovies and Taggiasche olives, that are perfect also with tuna...Our pot is the same, only a bit larger, the grandmother is there and looks after every sauce; if you come and visit us while we are preparing the sauces, bring a slice of bread because you will not resist the temptation!


HoReCa We directly produce all our condiments, creams, sauces, vegetables and, above all, extra virgin olive oil and Taggiasche olives: therefore we are able to satisfy the needs of every consumer, including those who require larger or plastic formats for catering. All our specialities are ready-made, representing an essential help in any professional kitchen.