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Via Nullo Baldini, 26
48011 Alfonsine, RA
Phone: +39 0544 866511
Fax: +39 0544 83609
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Giorgio Alberani - Aurora Liverani
Products Frozen Vegetables, Tomato Sauce, Fruit Juices, Organic Products, Vegetable Drinks
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Booth Number: F-5229
Fruttagel is an agricultural cooperative founded in 1994 specialized in the production and distribution of a wide range of conventional and organic products: fruit juices and nectars, vegetable-based drinks, tomato sauce and pulp and frozen vegetables. Based in Emilia Romagna, the company has 2 plants: the headquarter and main plant is in Alfonsine (Ravenna - Emila Romagna), with a staff of more than 700 employees, for the production of tomato sauce and pulp, beverages and frozen vegetables  and one in Larino (Campobasso- Molise) -with a staff of over 150 people- specialized in the production of frozen vegetables.

The company mission is “to make value” along the different stages of the agro-  industrial production chain, closely connecting  production and consumption: raw materials that Fruttagel processes to obtain finished products come mostly from  the 14 conferring agricultural cooperatives associated to the company.  Fruttagel guarantees traceability and checks on all stages of supply chain thanks to an inner Pesticides Lab and a Micro and Control quality laboratory  which check  both the raw materials before the crop,  semifinished  products during the production and  finished products.
A key point in the company policy is the flexibility in terms of products and packages and also the capacity of its production partners to adapt to both the Fruttagel productive specifications and to the particular needs of their customers. All these aspects make Fruttagel a representative company  in  food and beverage branch and a reliable partner for its customers. The distribution channels served by the company are: retail and independent distribution, Food Service, Door to Door, organic specialized chains. 

Fruttagel has obtained the most important system and product certifications: Iso 9001, Iso 14001, Iso 18001/HSAS, Smeta/Sedex, Certification of Italian origin for vegetables and tomato, IFS/BRC, Organic certification, Kosher, Fair trade (for fruit juices), FDA Registration.
Fruttagel is also founding member of Almaverde Bio Consortium, the best known organic brand sold in Italy.

Company brands: 
  • "Il Giardino dei Sapori" for conventional tomato sauce and nectars, plant-based beverages
  • "Sucor" for conventional frozen vegetables
  • "Almaverde Bio" for organic frozen vegetables and creamy soups, tomato sauce, fruit nectars and beverages, teas

Frozen Vegetables

A wide range with more than 30 products including plain vegetables, minestrone mixes, grilled vegetables, battered vegetables, vegetable mixes, spices.

Tomato Sauce

Our tomato sauces Il Giardino dei Sapori born from the best varieties of tomatoes grown in Emilia Romagna according to scrupulous dictates of integrated production. Tomato, crop to the perfect state of ripeness and carefully selected, is worked to get a creamy and delicate tomato sauce, perfect for all uses in kitchen. Available in Tetra Brikin 3 practical sizes (200 ml x 3, 500 ml, 1000 ml) and in glass bottle (700 g).

Fruit Juices

Only the best Italian fruit in the formulation of nectars Il Giardino dei Sapori. All the benefits of the fruit that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. In the classical and most appreciated flavors: apricot, peach and pear. Available in Tetra Brik pack size 200 ml - 3 pieces per cluster and 1000 ml.

Organic Products

Fruttagel is one of the founding members of Almaverde Bio, one of the most widespread and recognized organic brands in Italy. Working with the Almaverde Bio brand, we produce fruit beverages and nectars, teas, tomato pulp and passata sauces, and a wide range of Italian-origin, 100% organic frozen vegetables and creamy soups. To find out more

Vegetable Drinks

The vegetable drinks represent a viable alternative to animal milk (for examples Soy-based drink, soy-based drink with almond, and a lot more). They are suitable for everyone, and especially recommended for those with lactose intolerance and for those who follow a vegetarian diet. Indicated at all times of the day, they are perfect to enjoy cold or hot, with coffee, barley, cocoa, cereals. Also, they lend themselves to a thousand creative uses in the kitchen, to make both sweet and savoury recipes like puddings, creams, smoothies, sauces.
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