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71100 Foggia (FG) Italy
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Futuragri SCAPA
Conserve Alimentari Futuragri, based in Capitanata, was set up in the form of a limited consortium-based agricultural company, to process its partners’ produce. Tomatoes are selected in the field and harvested, and then immediately conveyed to the plant where they are processed and canned.

The entire production chain is organized so as to guarantee the maximum quality of finished products: the production process is strictly supervised and controlled, to ensure the traceability of the tomatoes.

The recently acquired IFS and BRC certification mean that Conserve Alimentari Futuragri can now market Capitanata tomatoes in Europe and the rest of the world, using these prestigious quality standards.

The farms that belong to Conserve Alimentari Futuragri cultivate from 1100 to 1400 hectares of industrial tomato crops, in compliance with the regulations that govern integrated production, as follows:
-            Selecting the most suitable land for the tomato crop, and applying a three-year rotation.

-            Selecting the most suitable varieties for the chosen land and existing weather conditions in order to produce a high quality tomato crop which fully responds to the needs of the consumer.

-            Conducting the entire production cycle with the ongoing assistance of Conserve Alimentari Futuragri’s inhouse technical/agronomical office, ensuring compliance with the strict regulations of the integrated production approach.

The tomatoes harvested in our partners’ fields are conveyed to the processing plant, where in the space of a few hours they are processed in a series of stages: the tomatoes are washed, then an electronic eye selects them according to size and colour. They are then peeled. The peeled tomatoes are then conveyed to six sorting belts, where they are carefully hand-selected. Only the very best tomatoes make it to the canning machine, to be put into tinplate cans. At the next stage the filling machine covers the tomatoes with tomato juice, which is carefully prepared to ensure the right density and correct temperature. The cans are then sealed by the seaming machine and conveyed to the heating process which is designed to deactivate the microbial component. All of the processing stages are supervised by 14 food technicians who work in the company’s inhouse laboratory, performing constant chemical/physical and sensory checks on the product.

This high number of technicians highlights the company’s aim to offer the end client an outstanding product, guaranteed in terms of hygiene and quality.

From the field to the can, Conserve Alimentari Futuragri follows the entire process undertaken by the tomatoes supplied by our partner farms, closely supervising all stages of processing and canning, meaning we can proudly declare that “We grow them and we process them!”

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