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Products Snacks, Chocolate Spreads, Cookies, Chocolates, Confectionary, Baked Products
A. Gandola & C. SpA
The Gandola Group consists of two separate production units: A. GANDOLA & C. in Ponte San Marco (Brescia) Italy and GANDOLA BISCOTTI in Rudiano (Brescia) Italy. A.Gandola & C. of Ponte San Marco is known for its confectionery food-stuffs available in four different lines:
• Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts spread creams;
• Cocoa, milk and hazelnuts semi-solid creams;
• Ready snacks;
• Chocolate.

Gandola Biscotti of Rudiano, a leader in the organic biscuits sector, is present in the entire Italian market with the following:
• Normal and Special shortbread biscuits and cereals line packed in tubes;
• Organic shortbread;
• Biscuits for the ice-cream Industry;
• Lady Fingers.

The Gandola Group sells throughout the entire Italian territory and has a sizable market share in all of the large, highly organized distribution supermarket chains. Moreover the Gandola Group , with its products of Ponte San Marco and Rudiano, is present in many European, North American, Australian and Arabic markets. As well as producing under its own trade mark, Gandola industries, uses exceptional quality employing raw materials such as high-hill hazelnuts, high quality cocoa powder, highly selected milk and milk proteins. Thanks to our equipment which is fit for the production of high quality items, we have been able to continuously produce technological innovations. In addition, thanks to a cycle of quality control, we are able to produce brands for distribution in important industrial and commercial companies.


Hazelnut Chocolate spread packed in glass jars and available various sizes.

Chocolate Spreads

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread in glass jars.


Savoiardi Cookies

Snack composed of hazelnut chocolate spread and bread-sticks.



Baked Products