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Via Bitritto KM 7+800
70124 Bari, BA
Phone: +39 080 5053311
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Products Fresh Pasta, Pesto, Sauces and Spreads, Dried Pasta
Geba Srl - Pastificio Ciccarese
The Ciccarese group operates efficiently and professionally in the Italian and foreign foods market.

Its success is based on the constant attention to the market's demand and on its punctual and specialized organization, starting with the production of a wide range of quality articles, obtained thanks to continuous investments in technology and staff professionalism and ends on the Trade's shelf.

As a matter of fact, Ciccarese gathers in addition to numerous food productive industries of quality Italian food, also a firm specialized in cool logistics and frozen food. In this way the Ciccarese group guarantees, without outsourcing, the exact respect of the cold chain, of the quality standard and of the organoleptic characteristics of the product as well as punctual and detailed deliveries.

The group plans, for the various Trade channels, diversified activities of sales' support as promotions, actions in the outlets, demonstrations, tasting and punctual and efficient merchandising services.

Fresh Pasta

Our fresh products are a delicacy for every palate, the best of Italian gastronomy for each market sector: from the filled fresh pasta, that are filled with the best top-quality ingredients, to the egg pasta excellent for festivity menus, from the specialities of all Italian regions, such as gnocchi, polenta and thousands pasta types, to the creamy and tasty sauces, to end with aromatized pasta, exclusive products for the most demanding consumers.


Sauces and Spreads

Dried Pasta