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26100 Cremona, CR
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Products Cheese, Asiago Cheese, Grana Padano Cheese
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Gennaro Auricchio SpA
From the very beginning in 1877, the name AURICCHIO has been synonymous of prestige and quality in the dairy food sector. Today the company offers the most complete range of cheeses: all are produced using artisan methods based upon traditional recipes that undergo the strictest hygienic controls required by today’s laws. Thanks to the company’s acquisition strategy, which was introduced in 1993, the historic Auricchio brand has since been joined by other high-quality products that are strongly tied to the Italian artisan cheese-making tradition. Today, the Auricchio have seven plants in Cremona, Napoli, Macomer (Nuoro), Cava Manara (PV), Rovato (Brescia), Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) and Solignano (Parma). The brands of the company are: Auricchio for Provolone, Riserva Esclusiva Auricchio, Giovanni Colombo, Gloria, Ceccardi and Locatelli only for U.S.A., all registered in many Country of the World. The company is market leader for sales of Provolone in Italy and worldwide, and it offers a wider range of dairy products: Provolone (sharp, mild and smoked), Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, Taleggio, Quartirolo, Asiago, Mozzarelle, Mascarpone and a large assortment of fresh and seasoned Pecorino cheeses. The company is already exporting to different foreign markets, and in particular to the U.S.A. market since the beginning of the last century; the sales share developed by the export department represents 35% of the total turnover of the company. For more than 135 years, traditions have been passed down from father to son. Auricchio’s jealously protected secret recipes formula of Provolone, the care it takes in choosing the right people to make the cheese, and its passion combined with experience and technology are the ingredients needed to make products of superb quality. The quality control cycle starts from the very beginning when the dairy cows are chosen. Auricchio only works with farms that have carefully selected special breeds. Auricchio technicians then suggest to the farmers the type of animal feed to use to obtain the best milk for processing. After strict tests certify its suitability, the milk is processed according to the highest standards of hygiene. Auricchio Products are artisan and, for the most part, are still worked by hand. Over a century of experience and a respect for tradition has been skillfully integrated into the modern QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and many other international food safety standard certifications.


Asiago Cheese

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