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Gigi il Salumificio Srl
Gigi il Salumificio was founded in 1980, when Mauro Reggiani builds a small factory in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena. The Company name comes from the diminutive of Luigi, Mauro’s father, died in 1967. Jole, Luigi’s wife, often called her husband affectionately “my Gigi”. Together to his mother Jole and his wife’s parents, Enzo and Ada, the production of Ciccioli and Strutto (lard) starts with the purpose of preserving and keeping alive the culture of a cold meat cut closely linked with its territory and the Italian cold meat tradition. With Mauro’s wife, Maura Fontana, the company increases the range of produced salumi, focusing on quality and tradition still today considered the most important characteristic of successful products. After finishing their school training, the two sons Luigi and Luca join the company improving and developing sales and production. Today the company challenge is to keep on offering excellent products maintaining unchanged local traditions and the characteristic quality of salumi. All that is possible thanks to a close team willing to achieve such a target.

Cooked Meats

CICCIOLI MORBIDI Ciccioli Montanari (from the mountain) and Ciccioli Campagnoli (from the countryside, defined “I Grasol”) Ciccioli Montanari and Campagnoli represent a typical regional cold meat specialty. According to tradition they were the cooked waste parts of the pork meat, but today, the parts used are actually the trimming throat and the finest parts of the pork. Ciccioli Montanari after being cooked for a long time are flavoured pressed and result in their characteristic shape, the typical square slice. Ciccioli Campagnoli are still pressed in a very homemade way, inside a sack that gives them the typical low and round shape. Ciccioli Campagnoli are more refined also in their mixture made of bacon and throat parts and selected spice. They can be eaten as sliced cold cuts together with traditional local gastronomy products such as Gnocco Fritto, Tigelle, Piadina. They can also be diced and used to flavour polenta or other cold courses.

Cooked Meats

CICCIOLI FROLLI The consume of Crispy Ciccioli is spread all over Italy. The regional recipes are different depending on the part of meat used, type of curing, cut and final shape of the product. There is a wide range of Crispy Ciccioli, different from region to region, and the company can satisfy any particular demand. Greppole are made by cooking selected parts of pork meat. While they cook, their fat part turns into lard and the lean part becomes friable, as a crisp. Depending on the recipe the product is pressed in a round shape (Frolli = friable) or packaged in a tub. Ciccioli Croccanti (Crispy) are widely used in aperitifs and traditional tasty dishes. We suggest matching them with Modena traditional Vinegar. A part from beer, Lambrusco and Pignoletto are excellent wines to match with Ciccioli Croccanti.

Cooked Meats

COPPA DI TESTA Coppa di Testa is an authentic Italian speciality. It is very savoury, it is made by a mixture of tongue and lean meat, from the head of the pig. The mixture is roughly minced, cooked and then sacked, still warm, in natural gut or in a particular juta sack. Coppa di Testa is then flavoured with pistachio, orange, lemon, garlic or vinegar, according to the local traditions. It may be consumed in slices or dices. Sweet taste, tender stiffness it is particularly recommended as entry dish or it is served together with bread, bruschette (toasted slice of bread dressed with olive oil, salt and garlic) or traditional products such as Tigelle, Gnocco Fritto and Piadina. It is also ideal to add flavour to polenta. It is excellent served with red and white full-bodied wines.


PANCETTE The art of making flat or rolled-up pancetta is strictly linked with that of ancient “norcini”. Pancetta is the result of an accurate selection of fresh pig belly parts. Meat is trimmed, salted, spiced and seasoned according to classic methods. The product can be with or without rind. Curing may be different from place to place. Among the most well-known we find the rolled-up Pancetta without rind, the rolled-up black pepper flavoured Pancetta and the chilli pepper flavoured Pancetta. Flat Pancetta is usually smoked or sweet. Excellent is also Pancetta Coppata. Pancetta is usually sliced and served with bread. In cooking it is usually minced or diced to flavour buns or meat sauces.

Cured Meats

COPPA PARMA IGP | FILONE STAGIONATO Coppa has its roots in the XVII century. Today the IGP regulations about Coppa di Parma impose the use of fresh pork meat, the sack must be made of natural gut and especially the level of seasoning is checked in order to guarantee a future to the very old tradition of this salume. It is appreciated for its medium stiffness and for its colour, red in the lean part and rosy in the fat one. Filone Stagionato is rosy coloured and has a very enticing smell. It is made with selected Italian meat and it is flavoured by a sweet and delicate curing, in order to meet the most refined tastes.

Cured Meats

LARDO STAGIONATO | GUANCIALE Production of seasoned Lardo alle Erbe starts from the search of the best fresh meats available on the Italian market. After being accurately processed, the meat is salted to end its process by seasoning. Lardo alle Erbe is sweet and flavoured and it melts as in the mouth as on a bruschetta (toasted slice of bread dressed with olie oil, salt and garlic), releasing its unmistakable taste. Guanciale Stagionato (lard from the pig’s cheek) comes from the pig’s cheek meat processed, which is trimmed and shaped. The final result is a selected product, drop-shaped and covered with a slight patina of black pepper. Both salumi are excellent in cooking, sliced or diced, they can be used to garnish roasts, pasta, trays of cheese and other types of salumi.

Baking Mixes

STRUTTO Strutto is obtained by melting the adipose tissue of the pig and it looks like a white and compact cream. It is largely used in cooking both for frying and as ingredient of many different recipes. Adding lardo in the texture of any paste makes it more friable and gives it taste and crispness. It is also used in bakery and confectionery products. As it smokes at very high temperature it is excellent in frying, in fact it is used to fry fish, Gnocco Fritto, chips and typical Carnival sweets (Frappe o Chiacchiere). Some typical Italian recipes require the use of strutto: Piadina romagnola, l'Erbazzone reggiano (Reggio Emilia), Tigelle modenesi (Modena), seadas and pardulas sarde (Sardinia), cannoli siciliani(Sicily) and other regional specialities.


PIADISSIMA Is composed of precooked Piadina, a typical Italian flatbread still cooked one by one by hands, stuffed with quality salumi and cheese typical of our country. PIADISSIMA can be eaten as a snack or can replace lunch or dinner. The best way to enjoy PIADISSIMA is to heat it two minutes in the pan, in the toaster or in the oven.

Flavored Condiments

GLI INDISPENSABILI Bacon cream, flower selected lard, lard velvet sauce, tradizional “pesto”, lard vegetable-flavoured, sweet and delicacies bread-ciccioli, all fried. A range of products made on purpose to help your cooking and creativity. From starters to sweets, ideal for the most traditional chefs or for daring testers. Gigi’s Gli Indispensabili Is what you needed!