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Products Mirrors, Hair Accessories, Bath Accessories, Toiletries, Brushes, Toothbrushes, Sponges, Combs
Giorgio Janeke Srl
Giorgio Jäneke established the firm still today bearing his name in Milan in 1830.
He was from Misselwarden, a village on the North Sea quite close to Hamburg, in the former Kingdom of Hannover.

From Germany, he had brought the machines used to first to introduce the production of combs achieved through mechanical processing in Italy. In those days, combs were produced exclusively from natural materials such as horn, ivory, tortoiseshell and wood. Much later, the first plastic materials appeared which were supplied only in sheet form and were used with the same technology used for horn combs. The materials were celluloid, the use of which has now been almost completely abandoned because of its inflammability, and Galalith, a milk by-product.

By 1907, the Milan factory had become inadequate due to inadequate space and available labor, and so it was moved to Veduggio (Milan). In the Thirties, plastic materials in granule form became available and the company immediately arranged the purchase of the first injection molding machine, adding combs and objects produced with this new method to its traditional production. With these types of machines, objects of any kind could be produced as long as the suitable molds and materials were available. Therefore a workshop for the production of the molds was set up and a great number of articles were produced, which were sold to the same customers who had been previously just buying combs. Thus, a wide range of hand-mirrors, manicure cases, razor and shaving brush kits and many other items were created.

Making the most of their experience acquired in molding, a production of technical parts for the industry in a variety sectors was initiated: from gears to perfume containers.
The company sells to thousands of perfumeries all over Italy and supplies the leading companies in the sectors of large-scale retail trade and Duty Free. Giorgio Jäneke is well-established in Europe, in the Arabian countries and in Brazil, but is currently meeting with some difficulties in North America because of the competition from the Far East. The quality of products from the Far East, however, is quite poor and in fact, Jäneke exports also to department stores in Seoul, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

Since 1830, Giorgio Jäneke Srl has always been property of the Jäneke family, and is now in its fifth generation.


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