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Via Teologo Valente NC
70032 Palombaio - Bitonto , BA
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Products Baked Products, Fresh Pasta, Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta, Egg pasta, Durum Wheat Pasta, Dried Pasta
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107300 - Production of pasta, couscous and similar flour products
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Gruppo Milo
Our story begins in 1870 in Bitonto, in the heart of Puglia, producing extra virgin olive oil. A history of family, passion at work and love for the soil and its produce. In 1994 we converted our Company’s production, dedicating it entirely to pasta and bakery. Since then Nicola Milo and his four sons Giuseppe, Saverio, Giovanni e Marida, have been offering high quality products, prepared according to the best Italian food tradition. With strength in our roots, today we look at the new challenges brought by the global market with optimism and determination, aiming at building a future of great opportunities and responsibilities. Every day we work to create tasty and genuine products through continuous research and development of our best raw materials. Our production consists of three units: 1 for fresh pasta, 1 for dry pasta and 1 for savoury snacks , for a total covered area of 20.000 sqm. Gruppo Milo supplies the national and international markets and collaborates with the main clients of the large-scale distribution, being for lots of them a co-packer. We supply fresh and dried pasta to Conad, GS, Carrefour- Coop, Despar, Aldi, Bennet, Crai, Selex, Lekkerland, Coop UK, Waitrose, Lidl, Trader Joe's, Target, Wakefern, Shoprite, Costco among others. Passion, willingness, engagement, and dedication: this is our recipe for doing business.

Baked Products

Casa Milo declined all the taste of Italian bakers tradition in a range of savoury snacks with a versatile format, ideal for both a quick break or as a substitute for bread. We make them with simple, natural and GMO free ingredients, such as Italian extra virgin olive oil, and we bake them in the oven to make them light and crispy.

Fresh Pasta

Our fresh pasta is produced with a cold processing; the dough is created in a single step avoiding mechanical stress to the product. The production process preserve the structure of the starch, allow the dough to be more vivid in colour and the surface more compact rough, granting to our product the distinctive taste of homemade pasta. The regional shapes are processed with a modern technology that reproduce the ancient techniques of hand-made pasta passed on from generation to generation.

Durum Wheat Pasta

We make our bronze die pasta using only top quality ingredients: 100% finest durum wheat semolina and pure water. We work the pasta with artisanal methods typical of our region, Apulia, an ancient and rich soil kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Produced following centuries-old recipes, our pasta is extruded through traditional bronze dies and dried slowly in order to ensure its excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties are maintained over time. The unique shapes and rougher texture of our pasta, which allow any sauces and seasonings to cling to its surface, will take you to a journey through Italy in just one bite!

Dried Pasta

We make our flavoured pasta using only top quality ingredients: 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs and genuine Mediterranean produce, grown in the sun of southern Italy. No need to add food colouring and preservatives, we select the freshest tomatoes and spinach to obtain bright, flavoursome pasta. Dehydrated slowly, in order to maintain the highest possible value of proteins, gluten and vitamins, our nests are carefully packed by hand, one by one.
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