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Via Pacinotti, 4
42040 Calerno di S. Ilario d’Enza, RE
Phone: +39 0522 909002
Fax: +39 0522 474449
Products Breadsticks, Baked Products, Breads
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Booth Number: F-5293
Grissin Bon SpA
GRISSIN BON of Reggio Emilia, started its activity as a bakery producer in the 50’s.
Known, at that time, as “Grissineria Reggiana”, the company was launched and expanded above all because of the experience of the founder baker, Nevino Bernardelli, who planned the work of the small firm, using the secrets of the traditional handicraft production.
The passing from “Grissineria Reggiana” to GRISSIN BON dates back to 60’s when the production of pan carré and toast slices was added to the original production of bread and breadsticks.

The broadening of the product lines made the move to a wider and better equipped plant necessary.

The plant was installed in S. Ilario d’Enza (RE), current headquarters of the company, where, in the course of the years, new and improved equipment has been introduced.
From the handcrafted products, breadsticks, toast slices and pan carré, the company has created an interesting and tasty series of variations on the theme.
This strategy aim to widen the offer to consumers, in a viewpoint closer to the present-day food trends.

GRISSIN BON’s line of products offer consumers a wide range of flavours and a high food quality.


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