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Regione Moirane 8/a
12040 Corneliano d’Alba, CN
Phone: +39 0173 286844
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Products Breadsticks, Organic Breadsticks, Yeast Free Breadsticks, Artisan Breadsticks, Yeast Free Products
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Grissinificio Europa Srl
Grissinificio Europa is a family owned private company with a thirty years experience in the production of Italian bakery products.

The company is based in Cuneo, near Alba (the cradle of the Slow Food movement) in the Northern Italian region Piemonte where the Grissini have been created.

In October 2010 Grissinificio Europa has inaugurated the new Factory, purpose-built according to the most up-to-date standards for production organization, product safety and respect for workers conditions and for the environment.

Grissinificio Europa is able to join the best recipes of the authentic Italian tradition with the most innovative productive technology, producing authentic genuine and innovative bakery products.

We are certified Organic by Bioagricert since 2000.
Since January 2009 we got the certifications IFS – BRC by Bureau Veritas (A-Level).

Our structure and the versatility of our production make us the ideal partner for private label productions.

Product categories:
  • Breadsticks (Grissini) in different shapes and types, Crackers, Snacks, Apéro.
  • DLG Gold and Silver Medal - Award winning Organic artisan breadsticks.
  • Bakery products for particular dietary exigencies (yeast free; … low salt, … low fat)
  • Kosher productions for private labels

New product development:
  •  “Stretched” Mini-Grissini in single portion pouches, packed either in multipack bags or in boxes 4x30g, also with specific recipes for Toddlers / Kids.
  • “Stretched” Mini-Grissini in single portion pouches for airline catering (“The Piemontese”)
  • “I Corti di Pane” – the first apéro artisan breadstick with two flavours & two colors in one stick, made with 10% extra virgin olive oil, in the variations “Tomato & Cheese” and “Curry & Onion”.
  •  “Artisan Breadsticks without Yeast” – the only rubatà style breadstick with no yeast.
  •  “Grissini Torinesi Super-Thin”, also with organic certification.

All the new product developments have been created focusing on:
  • High service contents in terms of packaging, such as single portion pouches for: out-of-home eating occasions, snack on the go, snacks for kids.
  • Healthy organic products for apéro: Pleasure comes first – the organic claim is in the background.
  • Trends with regard to food intolerances and for special dietetic exigencies.
  • Breadsticks made new – a whole world of baked not fried and not extruded, clean and simple bread substitutes for snacking, dipping and out-of-home eating.

For more information please contact: Sabine Geissler – Int’l Team Manager


Artisan Sesame Breadsticks

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Sesame Breadsticks

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Torinese Breadsticks

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Artisan Organic Breadsticks

Organic Breadsticks

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Artisan Breadsticks

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Organic Breadsticks

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