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Via Confine, 1583
41017 Ravarino , MO
Phone: +39 059 259111
Fax: +39 059 259255
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Enrico Maria de Franceschi
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Products Fresh Pasta, Fish, Sauces, Tomato Products, Vegetables, Legumes, Jams
01020501 - TOMATO, 01020500 - Vegetable preserves, 01020502 - FRUITS, LEGUMES/PULSES AND VEGETABLES (PRESERVED, DRIED, FREEZE-DRIED, CANNED), 01020700 - Pasta, 01020504 - JAMS, JELLIES AND MARMALADES
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Gruppo Fini
Gruppo FINI is a leading company based in Modena with two business unit. FINI, founded in 1912, produces fresh filled pasta from extruded egg dough, 100% natural ingredients. Range includes potatoes gnocchi, pre-cooked polenta, fish carpaccios, fresh sauces. LE CONSERVE DELLA NONNA, since 1973 produces shelf stable products: tomato purées, sauces, vegetables appetizers, pulses and jams. Gluten-free traditional recipes, made from fresh Italian raw materials, 100% natural, free from and nutritionally balanced. With a range of organic items available.

Fresh Pasta

FINI is a leading company based in Modena in Italy, which is specialized in the production of chilled filled pasta from extruded egg dough, 100% natural ingredients and traditional Italian recipes. Range includes also potatoes gnocchi and pre-cooked polenta. All products are manufactured in owned production facilities.


Fini offers a complete range of high-quality fish carpaccios, pre-sliced and combined with ideal ready vinaigrette sauces: tuna carpaccio, carpaccio of swordfish, salmon carpaccio and octopus carpaccio.


Tasty recipes homemade like, from the best Italian tradition produced with traditional cooking method, only Italian tomatoes and selected ingredients, without preservatives, colorants or flavours. Gluten free. In range also organic, vegan, 100% free from and nutritionally balanced sauces in line with the new food trends.

Tomato Products

High quality tomato purees, with flavour and aroma "home made like", ready to use. Only 100% Itlalian tomatoes, harvested from open fields when perfect ripe and processed within 24 hours. Gluten free. without flavours, thickeners or colorants. In range also organic tomato purees.


A wide range of vegetables preserved in oil or vinegar, ready to eat, typical of Italian gastronomy. Simple, natural and genuine recipes, from fresh and italians raw materials, without flavours or preservatives. All item are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


A wide range of cooked legumes in brine, without preservatives, ready to be enjoyed, ideal for tasty soups or to enrich creatives salads. Gluten free


Jams with high % of top quality fruit and selected varieties, harvested at the peak of ripeness. Only fruit and cane sugar, traditional processed, to garantee genuine flavour and creamy texture typical of home meade jams. In range also organic and nutritionally balanced fruit compotes.
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