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Zona Industriale Badia
82016 Montesarchio, BN
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Products Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil
Gruppo Mataluni Oleificio

An ancient family of oil crushers from Montesarchio, at its fourth generation

The Industria Olearia Mataluni is a well known name in the oil production world , from the beginning of the last century , precisely  from 1934 when the grandfather Biagio decided to invest in an oil plant with cutting edge equipment for that time : the birth of the first electric oil mill in the Caudina Valley, an important production area of the Campania region. His son Giuseppe gave the family business new entrepreneurial spirit creating the production brand “Vero Oil”, still on the market, and organizing on a regional level a widespread distribution network for the produced and packaged oil.

Since 1980 Biagio Mataluni, the actual President, took over the Company, and first continued his father’s activity then he decided it was time to give the Company a different connotation investing in innovative technologies , and using a modern industrial production philosophy together with the ancient values and olive processing methods.

In the 80s there is the passage from a family firm to an industrial one, adding to the traditional crushing activities a complex industrial cycle for the production of “private label” oils , perfectly integrated in the Italian oil industry.

Today the Mataluni group companies represent one of the biggest oil industries in the world . Among the first in Europe, it is undoubtedly the most important Italian oil mill. It produces “private label” edible oils for more than 200 brands worldwide and for the  leader companies of the Italian and international Wholesale Network (GDO) and together with its owned brands it makes an annual turnover of around 300.000.000 Euro, placing itself at the top places in the national and international distribution scenario.

In 2007 the Mataluni Group has started trading its own brands thus shortening the production line , with obvious benefits for both the consumer and the agricultural world.

Since 2007 we witness the acquisition process of historical Italian brands in the field of seed oils , very popular with consumers ,such as TOPAZIO and OIO, and also of other minor labels, previously owned  by the companies Chiari&Forti S.p.A. as GICO and ALIT. In April 2009 it completed the first stage of a repositioning plan acquiring the brand “DANTE”, bringing back to Italy the most famous of the Italian oils, together with other 11 brands belonging to the famous firm from Liguria “Minerva Agricola Alimentare” as  the historical labels MINERVA and LUPI present for over 50 years on the International markets.

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