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Via S. Matarrese, 24
70124 Bari, BA
Phone: +39 080 2241340
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Luisa Colella
Skype Name: gustoincucina
Products Ready Meals
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103900 - Other processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables, 108501 - Production of ready-made meat and poultry based dishes, 108503 - Production of ready-made vegetable based dishes, 108505 - Production of ready-made pasta based dishes, 108509 - Production of dishes and ready-made meals using other food products
01021705 - RAW MATERIALS AND INGREDIENTS FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY, 01021600 - Organic and dietary food products, 01021700 - Other products of the food industry, 01060000 - RICE, 01021400 - Prepared dishes, 01020501 - TOMATO, 01020700 - Pasta, 01010400 - Mushrooms and truffles, 01020000 - Products of the food industry
Pronti Via!
We are an 100% Italian Food Company born with the aim of enhancing all those unique characteristics of the culinary tradition of our country, through the recovery of traditional and regional recipes. We offer a wide range of first and second courses to be cooked in a pan or in the microwave in 2 minutes. Uses a revolutionary and unique production process, known as stabilization, which allows the product to be stored at ROOM TEMPERATURE with shelf-life of 12 months and to guarantee high quality standards. We combine constant research and great attention to innovation for the continuous improvement of our offer and the development of gastronomic proposals in line with new food trends (food with a lower sodium content, gluten-free, vegetarian, biologic food, etc). Always carry them with you, in the office, anywhere, to never give up on taste and well-being even outside the home! Pronti e Via! It is a brand of Gusto In cucina srl (GIC). GIC with its products responds to the ever-increasing need for high quality meals that allow a balanced diet with a contribution of the best natural ingredients. The ready meals sector grows in double digits in Europe, with different trends per country, while in non-EU countries the demand for Ready Meals has greatly increased especially in this time of Covid pandemic. GIC has focused on the Ready Meals market thanks to 3 aspects: - Product quality :100% natural without any additive, preservative - Innovative production process called STABILIZATION (reduction of bacterial load) that encloses in a single production process a preservation at ROOM TEMPERATURE - Cost of transport and storage of products in stock is lower than traditional frozen products due to the fact that the sterilized product must not follow the cold chain. So our product can stay longer on the shelves and be stored simply in a cool environment with a temperature between 8° and 15 ° Celsius (the benefits in terms of cost reduction is evident as well as the shelf-life extension) Gusto in cucina srl to increase the presence of its products in International Markets has seen that the priorities are, at international level, with expansion in the following markets: - GDO - CATERING RAILWAY (we are already suppliers of Frecciarossa in Italy) - VENDING MACHINE (present in Railway Stations, University Campus, Underground, etc.) - SHIP CATERING such as ferries and Yachts/Boats (galley on board) - HO.RE.CA. : now stationary due to the pandemic but we certainly believe confident in its recovery. We product our dishes in a plant of 1800 square meters, with a capacity of 8500 units/h and it is equipped with the best equipment and technologies for an industrial Kitchen. The company has obtained numerous certifications : ISO 9001-2008 Industrial Standards - GLUTEN-FREE- BIO - VEGAN - HALAL - FDA-FCE: 26637 Certification standard for USA- IFS n.18/771 – BRC 18/772

Ready Meals

SAFFRON RISOTTO : the real Milanese Risotto. Symbol of Made in Italy excellence all over the world, it is the dish, if not THE DISH,most representative of the Lombard tradition. Here a "Pronti, Via!" we have packed it following the original recipe to the letter, with the famous "red Gold", saffron, which gives it an unmistakable flavor.

MUSHROOM RISOTTO: will its scent be rich and decisive? Or perhaps the aroma that reminds us of the woods and autumn walks? What is certain is that mushroom risotto has always conquered young and old. Classic dish of the northern Italien culinaruy tradition, it contains all the savory taste of Porcini, champignon and chiodini mushrooms.What are you waiting for to try it?

RISOTTO WITH ASPARAGUS : This risotto is a real must: soft and creamy, it owes its fame to one of the most nutritious and delicious vegetables of Italian agricultural production, the green asparagus. Rich in vitamins, fibers, and mineral salts, it gives us a delicate and tasty risotto. Ideal for those who want a chef's dish ready in a few minutes of cooking!

PARMESAN RISOTTO: Did you know that creaming risotto is a tradition unknown to most? Only in Italy do we mix it to make it creamier and this is how small and simple masterpieces such as Parmesan Risotto are born. Thanks to the creaming with Parmesan, the undisputed king of Italian cheeses, the taste is guaranteed! You can enrich it with other ingredients such truffles, meat, sausages, mushroom, vegetables or spices, champagne.