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Founded in 1987 by a group of professionals of the hair-care industry, Itely Hairfashion, the brand produced by G.V.F – GIVIEFFE S.p.A, was born with the intent to present to the professional hair-care market high standard products that were able to combine Italian taste with a definite international vocation. Itely Hairfashion is a dynamic reliable and sound Italian company whose strength is in color with a wide range of solutions that respect and protect the scalp and hair, enhancing the natural brilliance of healthy hair. Research, innovation, science and technology become superior quality products based on real, tested and verifiable results. G.V.F - GIVIEFFE S.p.A. with the brand Itely Hairfashion has become an International Color Company because its identity and raison d’être is in its colors, recognized by professionals throughout the world that appreciate the value and the passion, the two driving forces behind every Itely Hairfashion creation. From researching natural, non-animal, raw materials to production and sales: Itely Hairfashion is a vertical integration multinational, able to run, monitor and manage each vital step in the production process., meeting stringent international quality standards. Production is in-house with the support of advanced technologies and sophisticated latest generation machinery, able to guarantee safety for personnel and the environment. An elaborated process that generates excellent and safe products since subject to dermatologic tests in the laboratory and efficiency test in a perfect synthesis between nature, research, innovation and technology.
International certifications:
The company has earned two important certifications:
ISO 22716: the international certification specific to cosmetic manufacturers and sets guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products to guarantee high safety and hygiene-health standard for consumers
ISO 9001-2008: represents the corporate quality management system certification for all industries.

Hair Dyes

Hair Color, Peroxide, Bleaching Cream and Powder, Liquid perms, Straightening Cream, Shampoo, Mask, Scalp Treatments, Gel, Mousse, Hair Spray