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Via Pietro Ferrero, ND
81025 Marcianise, CE
Phone: +39 0823 512084
Fax: +39 0823 288025
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Carmen Sarnataro
Products Wet Wipes, Disinfectants, Cosmetic Products
Codice Ateco:
172200 - Manufacturing of hygienic-sanitary products and products for domestic use in paper and cellucotton
24020000 - Private Label - Non Food
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Booth Number: N-539
Idrofil Srl
Idrofil was born in 2000 by specialising in absorbent cotton’s production, bio cotton-bud sticks, squares, cotton disks, cotton balls and wipes. Over time and with a great innovative spirit, the company has significantly extended range of treated products, from the medical sector to the cosmetic one and to the one of children’s care, reaching more and more users and improving their daily actions.

Wet Wipes

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes, made of soft fabric, gently clean the baby’s skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and pleasantly scented. They are particularly suitable for cleansing the diaper area, face and hands, respecting the natural physiological balance of children’s skin. Available in various sizes and scents. Dermatologically tested.

Makeup Remover

WipesDouble-action, cleansing and detergent wipes gently remove the traces of the makeup effectively but delicately, leaving the skin hydrated and toned. They are alcohol-free and thanks to a natural physiological PH are particularly suitable for cleansing delicate skin. They do not need rinsing and are ideal for removing makeup from face and eyes. Dermatologically tested.

Intimate Wipes & Multi Purpose Wipes

Intimate Wipes are indicated for the intimate hygiene of those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Their formula gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleansing at any time of the day. Dermatologically tested.

Multi purpose Wipes, soaked with a special refreshing lotion, cleans the skin and gives it a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Dermatologically tested.



Aloe Vera extract, made in soft non-woven fabric, cleanse, refresh and sanitize when it is not possible to use water. The formula makes the skin sanitized and nicely parfumed.

Sanitizing wipes with chlorhexidine and Aloe Vera extract, made in soft non-woven fabric, clean and sanitize when it is not possible to use water.

Handy Sanitizer Gel with aloe Vera extract 3ml

Cosmetic Products

Cleansing Disks
Made of pure hydrophilic cotton, they are delicate on the skin and are ideal for facial care and cleansing. They do not unravel due to the special seam on the edge that keeps them compact. They have two different surfaces for better use: the goffered side is ideal for applying toner and detergent milk; the smooth side, is more absorbent and suitable to remove makeup. Available in 60, 80 and 120 pcs.

Cleansing Squares
The cleansing squares are made of pure hydrophilic cotton, soft and delicate. Thanks to their size, they efficiently remove facial and eye makeup, eliminating any remains in depth. They do not unravel and leave no lint during use. Available in practical packaging of 50pcs.