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Products Caciocavallo Cheese, Cheese, Semi-Soft Cheese
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105120 - Production of milk derivatives
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Caseificio Ignalat
Caseificio Ignalat is an Apulian medium family-run company present on the Italian dairy and cheese market since 1948. Ignalat produces different kind of cheeses: fresh, smoked, ripe/mature, with a focus on several Apulian specialty cheeses like burrata cheese, naturally smoked burrata, frayed burrata (e.g. with black Italian truffle and chives), mozzarella knot, fiordilatte and mozzarella treccia, stracciatella, caciotta, caciocavallo, provolone etc. Many of our specialty cheeses as the smoked burrata and caciotta have been awarded with bronze and silver medal at World Cheese Awards during last years. Ignalat produces also a fresh line of cheeses free from lactose and frozen burrata. All cheeses are produced using Halal and microbial rennet not of animal origin. Caseificio Ignalat has always been sensitive to the matters of the food safety and of the quality of the production, of its products and of its productive process, and owns a quality control system in compliance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Caseificio Ignalat is compliant with GFSF/BRC Food Issue 8 Grade A and IFS Food Vers. 6.1 Higher Level. The company is founder member of the Consortium for the production of Apulian PDO Mozzarella Cheeses of Gioia del Colle.

Caciocavallo Cheese

Caciocavallo is a semi-matured stretched curd cheese, produced only with cow’s milk, traditionally formed by hand. Its name “caciocavallo” originates from the fact that this product is aged in pairs astride (“a cavallo”) wooden beams for at least 45 days. It has an intense yellow colour, a pasty consistency and a sweet and slightly intense flavour, excellent if eaten alone or with bread, also grilled or accompanied by an excellent glass of Italian wine.


BURRATA CHEESE Burrata, the flagship of the typical Apulian dairy tradition, is made from a mozzarella puff wrapper created by hand by our cheesemakers and stuffed with a soft filling of hand-frayed pieces of mozzarella and cream, creating a bundle with a delicious, sweet and delicate flavour. It is a product which can be eaten fresh, seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil or accompanied by salad, cherry tomatoes, bread or delicate dishes like smoked salmon

Semi-Soft Cheese

NATURALLY SMOKED BURRATA CHEESE The typical Apulian speciality of burrata is also produced by us in the smoked variant using a natural smoking process in a wood chip oven which gives the product a sublime, delicate and slightly smoked flavour. We recommend enjoying this speciality in combination with jams, or it can be eaten plain as an appetiser or side dish. Our smoked burrata has been awarded with bronze medal at World Cheese Awards 2017 in London

Semi-Soft Cheese

Caciotta fior di bontà is a semi-soft cheese with added lactic ferments, subjected to a short drying period. Despite being a semi-hard rind cheese, inside it is creamy and has a sweet/slightly acidic and extremely tasty flavour. We also produce it in variants with chilli and olives. Our caciotta has been awarded with silver medal at World Cheese Awards 2018 in Bergen Norway. It is an excellent product to be enjoyed alone or accompanied by bread or croutons, or in combination with salads or appetisers.