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Via Mure, 43/45
31030 Altivole, TV
Phone: 0423915799
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Eleonora Gallina
Products Frozen Cakes, Cakes, Baked Goods, Baked Products
Codice Ateco:
107120 - Production of fresh pastries
01080000 - FROZEN FOODS, 01020000 - Products of the food industry, 01021206 - SEMI-FINISHED PASTRY PRODUCTS
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Booth Number: F-7753
Il Dolce Forno
Il Dolce Forno produces artisanal baked good based on traditional recipes and authentic flavours: cakes, single-serve tarts, frittelle (Venetian-style doughnuts), muffins, strudel and other pastries and baked goods, both fresh and frozen. The excellent quality of our pastries comes from combining constant innovation in production processes and the artisanal “style” that characterizes our products. Our goal is to bake the best desserts by taking advantage of antique, traditional pastry recipes while maintaining the quality of the product at the right price for families which consume quick, but quality meals, rich in goodness and tradition. We supply large-scale distribution chains and foodservice industry (the hotel/bar/catering distributors) with fresh and frozen pastries and baked goods. To better cater to the needs of the hotel and catering and large-scale distribution industries, a new production plant was opened in September 2019. Thanks to the new plant, which increased production exponentially, a department dedicated to the development of new products was created and the most important food processing and safety certifications were obtained. Il Dolce Forno is equipped to offer its clients high quality products in accordance with contractual specifications and at the highest level of food safety. For some time the company has been following the HACCP standard verifying every production and quality control stage. The company is also IFS FOOD and UTZ Cocoa certified. The IFS Food certification is an international standard which enables us to the make a careful selection and verification of our suppliers. This means our products surpass the strictest food safety standards required by the large-scale distribution and hotel and catering industries. The UTZ Cocoa certification defines the standards for sustainable agriculture, including a system that monitors the production and origin of the cocoa, clearly tracing the origin of the raw material. Thus there is the guarantee that the cocoa purchased was produced with ethically and environmentally-sound processes and that it is a sustainable product. Thanks to our fresh and frozen line of products, we can supply a complete array of baked goods based on our clients’ needs, and at the same time, guarantee long-lasting freshness, quality and flavour in all our desserts.

Frozen Cakes

Frozen CheeseCake Frozen cheesecake with soft sponge cake and a layer of delicious ricotta pastry cream topped with mixed berries and fruit gelatine.


Fresh Mid-Sized Apple Cake Our apple tart is timeless: fragrant shortcrust pastry with luscious pastry cream and topped with sweet apple slices and fruit gelatine.

Baked Goods

Fresh Chocolate Salami The Christmas pudding chocolate salami, made with chocolate and biscuits, is a delicious and quick dessert that is ready to eat at any time of day.

Baked Products

Single-serve Sacher Tarts A layer of soft chocolate sponge cake filled with delicate apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing: a chocolate lover’s delight.