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Via Staizza, 50
31033 Castelfranco--Veneto, TV
Phone: +3904231770
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Elisa Zamperoni
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Products Cookies, Filled Snacks, Crackers, Baby Food
Codice Ateco:
107200 - Product of crispbread and biscuits; production of preserved pastry products
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01021601 - FOODSTUFFS FOR SPECIAL NUTRITIONAL USES (DIETARY FOOD, BABY FOOD), 01021600 - Organic and dietary food products, 01021201 - CONFECTIONARY AND BISCUITS
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Gruppo Germinal
Gruppo Germinal, based in Italy, is considered one of Europe's most influential producers of organic & gluten-free baked goods as well as the undisputed leader in the category of organic and gluten-free baby cookies and healthy foods. ORGANIC IS OUR TRADITION WE PRODUCE THE AUTHENTIC TASTE OF ORGANIC. We have been working to ensure the quality of what we produce for 40 years. On one hand all the raw materials that we use are grown without chemical synthesis products and on the other hand our final products are made without colouring agents, preservatives, additives and GMOs. This is our organic: a history of authenticity, research of quality, respect for the environment, food security and passion; organic is our way. We carefully monitor every phase of the production cycle, from the selection of the raw material supplier, to the arrival of the finished product on the sales shelf. Why do we do it? Because we are committed every single day to bring to your table a product made of simple ingredients: quality, taste, well-being and naturalness. Ensuring the highest standards of food safety is our goal: this is why we have already obtained all the most important certifications that invest the entire production process and guarantee the finished product. The R&D department is modernly equipped with tools able to allow the study and rapid development of products in accordance to consumption trends. Furthermore, our laboratories are at the service of commercial partners for the creation of tailor-made recipes. OUR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT STANDS OUT FOR: -Continuous innovation -Formulation of organic references, functional and healthy products, but also gluten-free, vegan products and baby food -Formulation of certified references without some allergens


Gluten-Free Organic Lemon Ginger Cookies: The delicate sweetness of the oat flour perfectly complements the citrusy aroma of lemon and the spicy notes from the ginger. A tantalizing taste for a delicious cookie! Gluten-Free Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies: Made with organic quinoa flour and chocolate chips, these cookies are truly tasty little gems! The combination of these Non-GMO gluten-free ingredients makes these cookies a healthier option for a great tasting treat, perfect for any occasion. ***Variety of shape and recipes are available.

Filled Snacks

Organic Apple & Cinnamon Bars: Our gluten-free apple & cinnamon bars are the perfect way to start your day but also make a great afternoon snack! The fusion of spicy cinnamon, enriched with the great taste of organic apples make these bars truly delicious. Organic Chocolate Cream Bars: A delicious combination of organic quinoa flour with a creamy chocolate and Hazelnut filling makes these chocolate bars a sweet, gluten-free snack that can be enjoyed throughout the day! Organic Blueberry Bars: A flavorful combination of buckwheat flour and blueberry, these sweet gluten-free bars are a great tasting snack for fruit lovers! ****Variety of fillings for bars and cookies


Gluten-Free Organic Tomato Basil Crackers: These vegan crackers combine two classic Mediterranean ingredients: the natural taste of red tomatoes and the fragrance of fresh basil. Made with organic sunflower oil, these crackers are the perfect way to enrich any moment of your day with a tasty snack. Gluten-Free Organic Rice & Chickpea Crackers: These mini crackers combine chickpea and rice flour into tasty bite-sized goodies. With an irresistible aroma, these mini vegan crackers are a great snack to enjoy throughout the day, both on their own or with your favorite spread! Gluten-Free Organic Turmeric Crackers: Quinoa flour and turmeric are the key ingredients in these delicious vegan, gluten-free crackers. The quinoa boosts the nutritional benefits while the turmeric gives the product a beautiful color and a unique flavor. Enjoy this delicious snack anywhere, anytime!

Baby Food

Gluten-Free and Organic baby cookies. We have a variety of shapes and flavors to choose from.