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Via Robecchi, 22/26
27020 Zerbolo' di Pavia, PV
Phone: +39 0382 818671
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Products Rice, Polenta, Dry Mix Food
Il Riso Beretta Srl
The company philosophy of "IL RISO BERETTA" has always been to provide the ABSOLUTE QUALITY rice available. Our years of experience and our dedication to the most modern technology helps us to husk and select only the grains of rice perfect for ripening and drying, while keeping all of the nutritional properties of the rice intact.

In order to offer a superior product IL RISO BERETTA offers the packaging innovation of "ASSURED FRESHNESS". This new method of packaging offers a triple protection. The cardboard box with a window shows the high quality of the product to the consumer. The technology used to place the rice in the strong cellophane bag provides the rice with the most gentle of environments in order to keep it fresh and complete. When you open the bag, you will always find fresh whole grains of nutritious and delicious rice - always perfect for a very tasty RISOTTO!



Gran Polenta Express
To cook polenta nowadays is very easy. GRAN POLENTA EXPRESS, made only from first-rate yellow corn flour is ready in 5 minutes as a delicious and genuine dish. Polenta Beretta guarantees a great success in your cooking because it’s a very tasty and natural dish. This porridge is excellent served hot with braised meat or“Gorgonzola” cheese, the typical cheese of our lands.

Dry Mix Food