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S.S. Appia Km 197.600, Loc. Pontoni
81050 Vitulazio, CE
Phone: +39 0823 621544
Fax: +39 0823 621546
Products Disposable Plastic Dishes
I.M.I. Industria Monouso Italiana Spa
I.M.I. Industria Monouso Italiana S.p.A. is located in the industrial area of Vitulazio – Caserta province -, very close to the “Roma – Napoli” highway’s exit of Capua. The plant covers a 10.000 mq. area and uses the latest technology machineries for production, primary and secondary packaging of disposable dishes for the food industry.

IMI produces a wide range of disposable plastic dishes.

Our catalogue, engineered and developed on your needs, contains flat dishes, deep dishes, cutlery and cups, all available in white, clear and coloured.
They are hygienic and useful in whatever occasion. All our products are made of Polystyrene (PS) (CE) N. 1935/2004

Disposable Plastic Dishes