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Zona Industriale Pantaniello
86090 Pettoranello del Molise, IS
Phone: +39 0865 460294
Fax: +39 0865 460299
Products Cookies, Baked Products, Panettone, Holiday Cakes, Confectionary, Cookies Gift Sets
Industria Dolciaria Valentino Srl
Industria Dolciaria Valentino S.r.l. took on its present corporate format in 1979 as a direct continuation of a family owned and operated company founded in 1952 at Isernia in the region of Molise.

With the construction that a year of new plant at Pettoranello del Molise, Valentino passed from a craft operation to an industrial level, while continuing to produce Panettone and biscuits.
Today, the production unit at Pettoranello covers an area of about 300,000 square feet, of which 86,000 square feet are devoted to various phases of processing.

Valentino’s output includes products of the Italian confectionery tradition, like Panettone, Pandoro and Colomba in classic and special versions as well as other goods that are typically consumed by Italians at breakfast, such as Croissants, Krapfen and Pandorino in various formats and flavors.

Respect for traditional processing systems combined with the application of modern technologies and the support of strict controls over raw materials and finished products has assured Talentino a fine reputation in Italian confectionery.


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