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42027 Montecchio Emila, RE
Phone: +39 0522 863186
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Stefania Montali
Products Sauces and Spreads, Organic Pasta Sauces
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103900 - Other processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables
01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS, 01021600 - Organic and dietary food products, 01020501 - TOMATO, 01020000 - Products of the food industry
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Industrie Montali Srl
Industrie Montali began life back in 1910 as a tomato purée manufacturer, packing its products directly into jars as was the custom at the time. Industrie Montali guarantees that its products contain no preservatives, colourants or antioxidants whatsoever. It only uses tomatoes grown, harvested and processed in Italy, ensuring that the entire supply chain is fully transparent and providing customers with unique, unmistakable, genuine products.
The “Easy” range combines classic tastes with a modern, practical slant, it is designed to suit many different needs and is aimed both at the retail and Ho.Re.Ca sectors.

The wide choice of EasyMontali products is composed by:
  • Ready-to-serve Sauces;
  • Snacks;
  • Organic&Vegan Sauces;
  • The Catering Range;
  • The Chef Range;
  • The Dressing Range.

Sauces and Spreads

Our packets of ready-to-serve sauces are perfect for 160 g of pasta. Simply pour over cooked pasta and stir through for a meal packed with genuine, homemade flavours in a matter of minutes:
  • Pesto alla Genovese: all the delicious, rich flavour of homemade pesto;
  • Arrabbiata Sauce: packed with intense, spicy flavour;
  • Napoletana Sauce: naturally delicious tomatoes enriched with garden vegetables;
  • Olives & Capers Sauce: a pasta sauce packed with fresh, typically Mediterranean flavours;
  • Tomato & Basil Sauce: a traditional tomato sauce brimming with simple, subtle flavours.

Tasty pâté in a practical tube which enables you to let your creativity flow while you prepare antipasti, toast and all kinds of small but delicious dishes.
  • Artichoke Spread: delicately flavoursome, excellent on crostini and canapés or with charcuterie, meat dishes and fish;
  • Spicy Harissa Spread:  a distinctly spicy spread for discerning palates, made with chilli pepper, garlic and olive oil;
  • Mushroom & Truffle Spread: a spread combining the tempting flavour of mushrooms with the elegant taste of truffle; ideal as a condiment for pasta dishes, eggs or fillet steaks;
  • Pepper Spread: the sweet yet piquant taste of peppers is a great way of adding flavour to sandwiches and canapés;
  • Sun Dried Tomato Spread: the succulent taste of sundried tomatoes makes this spread delicious with hardboiled eggs, meat and fish as well as on canapés and sandwiches;
  • Black Olive Spread: this intensely flavoured spread adds wonderful flavour to pasta dishes and is great spread on canapés and bruschettas.

Organic Pasta Sauces


Inspired by an increasingly popular consumer trend, Montali has created the Bio Vegan range of ready-to-serve pasta sauces: classic, traditional Italian recipes made exclusively with organic ingredients. The huge choice of products marries the pleasures of eating with the need to make healthy choices.
  • Napoletana Sauce Organic&Vegan: made with organic vegetables and our love for authentic recipes: a sauce with all the fragrance of the vegetable garden;
  • Tomato & Basil Sauce Organic&Vegan: the simplest of recipes made with everyone’s favourite ingredients: tomato, basil and extra-virgin olive oil, all of them 100% organic;
  • Pesto with Tofu Organic&Vegan: the finest organic ingredients go into making this vegetable-based pesto with basil and tofu. An intensely flavoured sauce which is like no other;
  • Arrabbiata Sauce Organic&Vegan: perfectly ripe organic tomatoes and chilli peppers go into making this rich yet naturally flavoured sauce;
  • Soya Ragù Organic&Vegan: a new, natural version of Italian ragù: soya and vegetables bring this tasty, healthy vegetable-based sauce to life.