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Via Ciambellana, 2
50059 S. Ansano-Vinci, FI
Phone: +39 0571 584418
Fax: +39 0571 584297
Products Jarred Vegetables, Grilled Vegetables, Vegetables, Marinated Vegetables, Olives, Organic Vegetables, Organic Products, Sauces and Spreads, Antipasto Vegetables
Inpa SpA
INPA SpA is a family-run company producing vegetables preserved in olive oil, pickles, olives and fish-based hors d’oeuvres. It is situated at the foot of the Vinci hills in the province of Florence. The company has three factories covering an area of 193,500 sq. ft. of which 26,875 are occupied by their production lines. Experience gained in over 40 years of business has enabled the company to reach excellent production levels and guarantee the quality of the finished products, and has favored its ongoing research into the raw materials used. Over the years the company has developed a vocation for working for other companies which has made it a valid partner for the retailing and distribution industry in both Italy and abroad. Today INPA produces over 20 million jars of pickles I.N.P.A. S.p.A. applies the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations, developing, putting into practice and improving its own quality systems to guarantee constant and documented achievement of its quality objectives, integrating this with the HACCP methodology.

AIAB : “ Organic farming”

Jarred Vegetables

Jarred Vegetables: “Organic farming”, In the simple but elegant packages there is the authentic, tasty air of nature. Artichokes and Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil. Mixed vegetables, Lombardi peppers, red and yellow peppers in wine vinegar.

Grilled Vegetables

Grigliati - "Grilled Vegetables": Freshly picked vegetables grilled and served with cold meats or as side dish with boiled or grilled meat. Grilled Peppers, grilled aubergines, and grilled zucchini in sunflower oil.


Marinated Vegetables


Organic Vegetables

Organic Products

Sauces and Spreads

Antipasto Vegetables