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Via Monte Santo, 37
20038 Seregno, MI
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Products Detergents, Soaps, Household Cleaners
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Italsilva Commerciale Srl
Established in 1908, the Saponeria Silva company took great care in its production of bath and laundry soaps, providing quality products guaranteed by a wealth of experience. Having abandoned its old soap cutters, wood kilns for drying and ancient production methods, the Italsilva Group has maintained the traditional fragrances and properties of its detergent products, while complying to the most modern technology processes, ensuring both quality and efficiency. The construction of the vaporization tower dates back to 1951, the very first of its kind in Italy for the production of powder detergents, replaced during the 1970s and still today symbolizing the company's longstanding commitment to technology and continuous improvement.

Products: Detergents and soaps.



Household Cleaners