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Via Davia, 18
40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto, BO
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Products Frozen Means, Frozen Ready Meals, Gnocchi , Pasta, Pasta Frozen Entrees, Ready Made Meals, Frozen Risotto
La Cucina di Bologna Srl
Founded in 1999, believing that the market contemplated to many products under the image of Traditional Kitchen of Bologna but not representing it at all. The products from the area of Bologna are, in fact, universally known as synonymous of high quality cuisine.  Actually La Cucina di Bologna is considered as one of the most representative companies in terms of High Quality Products

We are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers by offering them innovative, safe and high quality food products. Our products have been specifically developed for exporting the Italian way of eating all over the world. With our extensive portfolio of genuine Italian raw materials, our primary focus is on end users for whom quality, variety and convenience are essential.  We wish to achieve this with respect for our society and the environment and with the conviction that the personal development of our employees must go hand in hand with the development of our Group.

Our flexibility means that we are able to turn ideas into reality. You tell us what you have in mind and together we develop your products. As well as classic recipes we also offer a large variety of specialty products, both traditionally Italian and adapted to the specific requests of the final market of the destination. We produce with the same professionalism Pasta, Main Dishes, Side Dishes and Snacks. For this reason we are sure to be your reliable partner for retail in Europe. Treading new paths together. Growing together.

Our Ready Meals are lovingly prepared to make every variety irresistible to our customers. BRC, IFS certification, quality guaranteed by constant controls, highly selected ingredients and great value prices are the foundations of our success. We welcome prospective clients to audit the site and encourage any comments which may lead to an improvement of our Quality System.

Our actual factory was built recently and covers a total surface of 2,000 sqm fully dedicated to the production of frozen ready meals on four main production lines. The plant is in the city of San Giovanni in Persiceto, just a stone’s throw from the city of Bologna, in Italy.  Our plant’s daily output can reach 45,000 sales units, distributed on four main production lines: our ready meals are available in trays, in stir fry bags, in trays for airline catering and in the innovative “walk ‘n eat” cup. Made up of more than 100 recipes under several brand names intended for both the catering and retail markets, our products are traditional and innovative at the same time.  In addition, majority of staff has been with our company for a long time.

Even if our major customers are in Italy, our market spans over all of Europe. The core business is in the Retail Market but we are good fit for the Ho.Re.Ca (pub chains, restaurants, and coffee shops) as well. La Cucina di Bologna’s Products are adapted to the needs of the restaurant trade. They are designed according to international restaurant standards and are easy, fast and economical to prepare.