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Zona ASI Località Pontericcio
80014 Giugliano, NA
Phone: +39 081 8198061
Fax: +39 081 8198061
Products Limoncello, Liquors, Syrups, Grappa, Liquor Gift Box
La Distitalia Sas
The Jolly company is an old liqueurs and syrups factory, operating in Naples since the early '90s
Quality and tradition are always respected in every ingredient of the innumerable product, such as the Limoncello which is made with an infusion of top quality lemons in pure alchool and according to a centuries old family formula using only natural ingredients.

The firm currently operates in an establishment over 5.000 mq in the industrial area of Giugliano, where tecnology and tradition is the key to our success allowing us to produce high quality product with the best genuine ingredients.

We have different lines of products:
the Bar line which include Gin, Vodka and Sambuca and all of the products used to make most cocktails.

Infusion line for pastry

Resturant line that includes Cream of different tastes and Grappa distilled from our family factory.

The Syrups line include the Almond Milk, obtained by squeezing the top quality raw almond adding only other natural ingredients, the Mint and Cherry and many other that they always give renders famous the Jolly brand in all the national territory.

The company is costantly developing new and improved products and packaging with the objective to improve the export to the all European market





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