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Via della Torretta, 2
47923 Rimini, AG
Phone: +390541751315
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Daniela Berti
Products Beverages
Codice Ateco:
110700 - Industry of non-alcoholic drinks, mineral water and other bottled water
01030000 - Beverage industry, 01030300 - Non-alcoholic beverages, 01030302 - NON-ALCOHOLIC/SOFT DRINKS, 01030301 - MINERAL WATERS, 01021602 - ORGANIC PRODUCTS
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La Galvanina SpA
Galvanina is an outstanding producer of pure mineral water and of an impressive range of non alcoholic beverages: flavored mineral waters, soft drinks, iced teas, mixers, calorie-free or low-calorie soft drinks and so on. For over thirty years Galvanina has been helping companies to successful develop Private Label projects. Every day, our production of soft drinks -both organic and conventional- and mineral waters reaches the world's leading markets, where Galvanina is partner of major Retail Chains, with a consolidated presence in more than 50 countries. The company ownes two mineral water sources located in central Italy, and is known worldwide for its high quality, uncompromising production standards and innovative approach. Galvanina operates own bottling plants: glass and PET bottles in addition to cans and serves all countries with its branded premium organic products. Our laboratory is where creativity and artisian tradition meet technology and scientific know-how. All production activities operate following the very highest quality standards and Galvanina has obtained the most important global certificates. Our know-how extends to nutritional and ingredients legislation, to help with labelling procedures, thanks to our team of experts on matters relating to regulations and packaging.


We select the best ingredients. Our Sodas are made with juice from citrus and fruits grown in southern Italy and the Mediterranean basin. We create both high quality Organic and Conventional beverages and offer more option of sugar content to meet the most demanding consumers. Galvanina offers beverages that make the difference. Our organic soft drinks are always very popular and consumers reward them with exceptional levels of loyalty and excellent results for all the large-scale retailers that offer them under their own label. Galvanina produces: MINERAL WATERS, FLAVORED MINERAL WATERS, SPARKLING SOFT DRINKS, STILL AND SPARKILNG ICED TEAS, CALORIE-FREE or LOW-CALORIES SOFT DRINKS, TONIC WATERS and MIXERS, RTD MOKTAILS, HARD SELTEZER. ( glass, can, pet ) Galvanina : a trusted and experienced partner in private label. For over thirty years, Galvanina has been helping companies to successfully develop Private Label projects. Every day, our production of soft drinks and mineral waters reaches the world’s leading markets, where Galvanina is partner of major retail chains, with a consolidated presence in more than 50 countries. What’s our secret? Our recipes are based on the artisan tradition of Made in Italy, with an approach and production philosophy that for centuries has made Italy the land of ultimate food supply chain excellence. We have helped to create many successful products for several retail chains. We can conceive and produce all kinds of top-quality and premium organic or conventional soft drinks. With our Private label we can give you the competitive edge your customers are looking for.