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Z.I. Cavalieri
62024 Matelica, MC
Phone: +39 0737 787899
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Products Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Tortelloni, Gnocchi
La Mediterranea Srl
The MEDITERRANEA GROUP is today the largest European producer of dried stuffed pasta. The Group, located in Matelica, in the very heart of Italy (60 km. from Ancona) is divided in two main divisions, of which one is dedicated to ambient/dry products, the second to fresh ranges and potato gnocchi.

Dry/extra dry filled pasta
Ambient stable fresh pasta
Soft dry filled pasta

Fresh ready egg filled pasta
Fresh ready plain short/long pasta
Potato gnocchi /flavored gnocchi

History & Mission
The Company was born from the 30 years of experience of Chairman and President, Mr. Roberto Corradi, among the pioneers in Italy in the industrial production of the filled pasta and one of the first Italian entrepreneurs who introduced this typical Italian pasta category  to the world market: in a variety of concepts, from dry to ready meals.

The Group from the beginning soon discovered its original attitude for exports (presently more than the 80% of its overall turnover), both to EEC Countries and to the overseas markets including USA, Canada ,Australia, Japan. Private Label and Industry is today an increasing market trend.

The commitment to serve major supermarkets chains in Europe as well as to supply several multinational Groups around the world, has defined in the years the Group’s policy and mission:

•    To produce large volumes at very controlled cost, thanks to an accurate rationalization and automation of the production cycle.
•    To operate according to very strict parameters of high quality and product safety.
•    To keep focused on product’s innovation.

<b>Quality and Innovation</b>
In order to achieve and guarantee the best product and process quality, the Mediterranea Group has internal laboratories for Quality Control, microbiology and chemical analysis, supported by independent labs in order carrying out special analysis. Our Facilities work according to HACCP standards.

The R&D department constantly works to supply the Group with product and technology innovations. Main quality accreditations are:

•    ISO 9001/2000
•    UNI 11020 (total traceability)
•    BRC
•    IFS

Product Range
The  commitment  of the Mediterranea Group is not only to enhance the Italian Pasta tradition following the most genuine recipes by choosing the best ingredients (more than 47 recipes only for dry filled  pasta) but also to innovate and revamp filled pasta concept, focusing on the most trendy attitudes of contemporary consumers, more and more looking for quick but also sophisticated meals, without renouncing variety and the best taste.

The Mediterranea team is constantly working, also in cooperation with major clients, to anticipate tomorrow’s food trends. Among the best recent developments:
the “soft dry tortelloni” as ideal meeting point between fresh and dry concept, and  the new wet fresh or ambient-stable pastas, ready to eat in just 2 minutes, with no cooking.

The main ranges today include:

•    Tortellini and Ravioli dry with meat, cheese and special fillings (12 months shelf-life)
•    Tortellini extra dry for dehydrated dishes (12 months shelf-life)
•    Soft dry  Tortelloni (12 months shelf-life)
•    Fresh-ambient filled pasta vacuum-packed (150 days shelf-life)
•    Potato Gnocchi (12 months shelf-life)
•    Flavored potato gnocchi (12 months shelf-life)
•    Ready shelf-stable plain pasta (9 months shelf life)
•    Ready fresh pastas  (60 days shelf-life)


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