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Via Galileo Galilei, 11/13, Località Gariga
29027 Podenzano, PC
Phone: +39 0523 042411
Fax: +39 0523 524931
Products Pizza, Frozen Pizza, Focaccia, Pizza Dough, Baked Products, Breads
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Booth Number: F-5287
La Pizza + 1 SpA
Since 1966, La Pizza +1 has been producing in the north of Italy quality chilled pizzas and focaccias with premium ingredients (extra virgin olive oil only, 100% mozzarella,...) using the highest standards in the production process.

Today we lead the Italian chilled pizza market and our products are present on  the shelves of the most important mass distribution chains, as well as in the kitchens of key Italian catering companies.

The product range of La Pizza + 1 includes all different versions of pizza, from the dough base to traditional and more elaborate pizzas along with all varieties of focaccia.

Our range includes all different sizes (from professional needs to snack size), shapes and preparations (traditional oven and microwave). We also offer a new line 100% certified organic.

A constant interaction with all of the market participants is our methodology for obtaining successful results. Our flexibility allows us to analyze, interpret and quickly satisfy our customer's needs.

All our products are made in a protective atmosphere and should be kept at fridge temperature of 0°-4°C .
CERTIFIED QUALITY: we have obtained all of the most important quality certifications, inclduing ISO, BRC and IFS (both at the higher level), and product traceability.


Margherita Pizza

Frozen Pizza

Pizza with Prosciutto and Mushrooms


Focaccia with Olives

Pizza Dough

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