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Products Espresso Coffee, Espresso Coffee Gift Box, Coffee Pods, Decaffeinated Coffee
La Tazza d'oro Srl
Our company La Tazza d’oro was founded in 1938 and since then we have produced the finest blends of high quality coffee for the preparation of Italian espresso and cappuccino.
The Head Office and processing plant are situated in Cagliari and cover an area of 2000 sq.m.; the equipment used is of the most modern type. This firm is making a name for itself as a high quality espresso coffee producer and operates in conformity with HACCP regulations. It has also applied for quality certification based on UNI/EN ISO 9000 regulations.

Our product range consists of:
•    Ground roasted espresso coffee in 250gr. vacuum bag;
•    Whole espresso coffee beans for restaurant, bars, hotel, catering etc..;
•    Coffee pods / servings for special small coffee machines.

The ground roasted coffees are for the preparation in the typical Italian moka/caffettiera, except the BAR ESPRESSO blend indicated for use in an automatic espresso machine. Our whole bean blends are indicated for coffee bars, restaurants and hotels with a professional coffee machine and grinder. We also produce Espresso Pods. This is a new and very easy way to prepare a good espresso with a small, inexpensive, coffee machine. An interesting idea for offices, small restaurants and private households.

Today we export our products in Europe, Japan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, and Korea.

Espresso Coffee

Espresso Coffee

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