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26020 San Bassano , CR
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Lia Diaz
Products Cereal, Breakfast Cereal, Organic Products, Food Service Products, Muesli
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Lameri SpA
Lameri Spa is an Italian company which has been transforming and trading cereals since 1968. During the years, thanks to a strong familiar tradition capable to combine past and modernity, this company has been able to vary its activities with new productive improvements in the agricultural and food industry. Quality represents the first and the most important target on which Lameri Spa founds its production process, including the precise selection of raw materials, the best know-how during the various working phases and the precise control in packing. The continuous improving efforts and the constant research in new developments have been awarded, obtaining the certificates ISO 9001, BRC, IFS and for ORGANIC products. The company is giving very interesting results in the production and packing of a wide range of breakfast cereals, either with our own brands, with Private Label, as well as co-packer of the main Italian and foreign food industries (retail and food service). Lameri Spa produces a complete organic cereals range (granola and muesli, puffed cereals, extruded and laminated cereals) to come up significantly to the growing demand for natural foods, in full accordance with the organic and biodynamic agriculture. Furthermore, Lameri Spa is as well specialized in the production of pearl cereals, flakes, flours, extruded and puffed cereals used as semi-finished products in bakery and biscuits industries. Two other well-known confectionery companies in Cremona belong to Lameri Group, SECONDO VERGANI and DOLCIARIA GADESCHI. The first one is known and worldwide appreciated for its nougat, fruit mustard and chocolate pralines. DOLCIARIA GADESCHI is famous for the production of macaroons, meringue, cantuccini and other typical Italian biscuits, also used as semi-finished products for ice cream and bakery industries.


MULTIGRAIN Rice and whole wheat flakes, obtained through a traditional cooking, flaking and roasting, which maintain all the nutritional values of the whole grain. Perfect for a healthy and balanced breakfast.

Breakfast Cereal

CHOCO SHELL 200g Tasty wheat shells coated with dark chocolate, make breakfast enjoyable for adults and children.

Organic Products

ORGANIC GRANOLA DARK WITH CHOCOLATE DROPS 400g Organic crunchy mix of cereals enriched with chocolate drops. Very tasty with milk or yogurt for breakfast, but also as a snack.

Organic Products

ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT FLAKES 200g Organic corn and organic buckwheat flakes for a light and healthy breakfast.

Organic Products

ORGANIC CRUNCHY MUESLI WITH BERRIES Crunchy muesli based on oat and wheat, enriched with tasty raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Good with milk or yogurt for breakfast, but also as a tasty snack.

Organic Products

ORGANIC MUESLI WITH FRUITS 500g Mix of organic cereal flakes, organic dehydrated fruits and organic freeze-dried fruits.

Food Service Products

HONEY LOOPS 500g Cereals rings with a delicious honey coating.


CRUNCHY MUESLI WITH CHOCOLATE 1000g Crunchy cereal mix such as oat, wheat, rye, rice, corn and barley, enriched with chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and sliced almonds.

Organic Products

ORGANIC TOASTED CORN FLAKES 200g Organic corn flakes - 100% natural cereal

Organic Products

ORGANIC MULTICEREAL WITH HONEY 200g Puffed cereals mix such as hard wheat, brown rice and quinoa coated with honey for a healthy breakfast.

Organic Products

ORGANIC PUFFED RICE 100g Organic puffed rice - 100% natural cereal