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Via Montello, 16
20154 Milan, MI
Phone: +39 02 33105943
Fax: +39 02 33611571
Products Anti-Mosquito Patch
Larus Pharma Srl
Operating since 1994, Larus Pharma is a young and dynamic company which developes and distributes natural products in the health care area.
Larus Pharma, in synergy with several research University labs, is specialized in the development of innovative and high tradition science based natural products, combined and offered through the most modern technology.
Larus Pharma is organized to meet the needs and exploit the opportunities offered by the marketplace. The structure of the Company, along with the headquarter, consists of:
•  a selling force calling on pharmacies and natural products stores throughout Italy;
•  a direct selling force calling on the Mass Market Organizations.
•  exclusive distributors for all the countries in which Larus Pharma products are sold;
•  area agents for the support and control of the exclusive distributors in the various countries.
Thanks to the innovative concept of its products Larus Pharma expanded rapidly troughout the world (Spain, France, Greece, U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom).

Anti-Mosquito Patch

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