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Via Torricelli, 3
48010 Cotignola, RA
Phone: +39 0545 908511
Fax: +39 0545 992259
Products Household Cleaners
Madel SpA
Our mission is the production, marketing and selling of house cleaning and personal hygiene products, with special attention to the natural environment, respecting the AISE parameters, in terms of environment protection, as well as energy saving.

Madel is also ISO 9001:2000 certified. Identifying claim of the firm's business strategy: "..e il pulito ti sorride" ("..and the clean part smiles at you") emphasizes the innovation spirit, the freshness of ideas and the brightness of initiatives that distinguish its approach to the market.

Madel Spa produces and markets about 300 references, that are able to satisfy every kind of need of our customers. Most famous brands are: Deox, Pulirapid, Smacchiotutto and Sprizzo. There is also a department exclusively devoted to develop and market PRIVATE LABEL.

Actually we are partner of the most important retailer in Italy. Our R&D Laboratory is able to manage every kind of specification and develop every kind of products.

Household Cleaners