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43058 Coenzo di Sorbolo Mezzani, PR
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Export Manager Simone Buffa
Products Kitchen Sponges, Toiletries, Sponges, Household Products, Cleaning Aids, Cellulose Sponges, Household Cleaners
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For over 50 years, the story of MartiniSPA is a dynamic one, forged of bright ideas, of restless creativity and of curiosity. It is a constantly evolving story with just one overriding mission: to astonish! Aided and abetted by a versatile material and fruitful collaboration with architects and designers, Martini has over these years designed and offered to the market “Made in Italy” products for household and personal care that have extraordinary visual appeal for the consumer, due to pleasing forms, colour and functionality. The mission of MartiniSPA is “to make life softer", with the softness, the colour and imagination of the ductile and infinitely creative material that is sponge. In tune with the growing centrality of self-care and respect for the environment, the company has become the reference point for top quality Made in Italy sponges and accessories, for body and home care. The new collection Hygiene+ represents the tech soul of MartiniSPA: sponges and accessories for home and personal care, for safe, effective and long-lasting cleaning with 4 super ingredients capable of forming a natural barrier against bacteria.

Kitchen Sponges

Mr.Eco is a line for eco-devoted customers, made with 100% biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free materials that reduce the impact on the planet.


The Massage Natural Line is the most complete collection in Martini portfolio. A wide range of items for skin and body care, designed to satisfy everyone’s need for wellness. Thanks to elegant and relaxing colors, it fulfills you body and mind, like a real SPA at home.


The Kids extra delicate line is specifically designed for babies and and young children, whose delicate skin is 5 times thinner than adults’ skin; for this reason they need special care and attention. MartiniSPA has used the precious gifts of nature, such as sea sponges and cellulose, to create a product able to cleanse safely even the most delicate skin. All products are latex-free and they are dermatologically tested. 100% Made in Italy.


The BIO line is a textile bath collection, characterised by the strictest possible ecological criteria. Every single article is composed by plant origin fibers, such as cotton and linen. The BIO line is certified organic and every product is packaged in recyclable material. ICEA and GOTS certification guarantee the respect of regulations for organic products, not just for raw materials but also along the whole production chain. 100% Made in Italy.

Household Products

Hygiene+, the innovative line of sponges, floor and multi-purpose cloths to put a stop to bacteria. A new product range enriched with antibacterial ingredients that create a natural barrier against bacteria.


Hygiene+, the innovative line of sponges, body brushes and gloves to put a stop to bacteria. A range of self-care products enriched with antibacterial ingredients that create a natural barrier against bacteria, ideal for completely safe body hygiene.


Massage Color is an icon line, recalling MartiniSPA origins and its unique style. Inspired by colors and by the joyful energy they release, this varied and lively collection satisfies everyone’s need of wellness, pleasing the body and the soul through intense and vibrant chromatic shades.

Cellulose Sponges

Eco Massage is a face and body collection, designed to be in harmony with nature. This line is composed by natural articles, all made of vegetal materials from natural renewable sources such as cotton, loofah, sisal, cellulose and wood. The innovative packaging has been designed to be entirely ecological: it consists of 100% recycled cardboard and PLA, a compostable and biodegradable polymer derived by processing of corn, beetroots or potatoes. Made in Mediterranean Area